Labor Day Sale and New Shop Pattern! School Uniforms Expansion Pack

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a new expansion pack sewing pattern I’ve added to my shop!

I’ve been promising this pack for a long time — school uniforms! With September being back to school season, it seemed like a perfect time to release it. This pack has all of the classic elements to make a standard school uniform, like slacks, button down shirt, necktie, blazer, pleated skirt, and socks. And of course there are the sailor-style school uniforms as seen in most anime, who come with a kerchief, bows of various sizes, and mary jane shoes. And to take it a little extra, there are adjustments and templates to turn the sailor shirt and pleated skirt into a Sailor Moon style suit! It even has boots and gloves to finish the look.
This pack is compatible with all of my other dolls so far, so the main garments like the pants and shirts offer options to accommodate animal features like wings and tails. The shoes can even fit on the hooved anthro animals — lucky!
If you’d like to make the new faces in embroidery, those files are sold separately. With them you can embroider tiny buttons for the shirts as well as extremely precise accent stripes for the sailor shirts and cute freestanding brooches that are a must for any sailor scout costume! I hope this helps everyone make some of their favorite anime characters!

But if you don’t have an embroidery machine, you’ll find applique templates are included with the expansion as well.
To celebrate the launch, I’m having a back-to-school/Labor Day sale! This new expansion pack is 30% off through September 8th. The new embroidery files are 50% off. Everything else that felt vaguely school related is 20% off — like backpacks, pouches, clothing, and snacks! Meanwhile the rest of the shop is 10% off. I hope something in the new pack grabs your interest and you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy of the new pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “Labor Day Sale and New Shop Pattern! School Uniforms Expansion Pack”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could tell me the brand and colour of fabric used for sailor moon’s face? I’m in Canada, and the selection is limited locally. I don’t mind ordering, but it’s difficult to tell from pictures.


    1. Hello! I personally used Shannon brand minky in beige for Sailor Moon 😊 I would usually recommend FunkyMonkeyFabrics for ordering in Canada, but it looks like they don’t have that specific color at the moment. Hopefully it comes back soon, though!

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