Free Pattern Friday! Frog Plush

Hi everyone!
I’m cracking down hard on the 2021 pattern poll and made this frog plush pattern! Seems like a perfect fit for springtime (in the northern hemisphere) <3 I struggled a little with this one since I wanted it to look semi-realistic. It had to have that simple blob body, but still maintain the tiny webbed feet and hands. I hope you all are happy with the result!
It only has 6 pattern templates, so I found it came together rather quickly with just a bit of hand sewing for the feet. The legs get really curvy, so if you’re not used to sewing very curved pieces be sure to take it slow there. It would probably be a good project to practice with since the rest is so simple. With all that in mind I rated it a 3/10.

As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the eyes if you’re using a regular sewing machine or working by hand. Safety eyes would also be a great choice if you want bulbous eyes. If you have an embroidery machine, there are also embroidery files available. The plush is a little small at 4½” tall, so the files easily fit a 4×4 hoop.
I hope you all like it!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

28 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Frog Plush”

  1. This is so cute! It really is perfect for spring around my house where we hear the frogs outside every evening looking for new friends.

  2. Thank you! I have a friend who’s crazy about frogs and her birthday is coming up. She will love this. Perfect timing 🙂

  3. You are sooo very kind to offer your delightful critters at no to very reasonable prices. I have 4 great-grands that are just the right age for your cuties!

  4. I love frogs! I’m so glad that you did this one and he is adorable. You wouldn’t believe how many ugly frog plushes there are out there. You did not disappoint!

  5. Hello, your patterns always inspire me to want to create new things, I’ve become quite obsessed- Could I make a few suggestions for patterns in the future? 😀

    Dachshund puppy,
    Bush Baby

    I hope you like my suggestions! I’d personally love to see a bush baby plush pattern haha

    Thankyou for posting all of these patterns completely free, they’re always a huge help!!!

  6. Fantastic pattern! Made a little frog boi for my friend, and it turned out better than I expected, as I’m still an amateur at making plushies. All of the patterns I’ve used from here have been easy to make, with comprehensible instructions. Great work, can’t wait to make more plushies with your patterns!

  7. Thank you! Can’t wait to do the webbed feet! What minky colour combinations you used for the frogs in the picture? Especially the one that looks like turquoise (but not sure what the belly would be).

  8. Thank you. These are ADORABLE. And perfect timing for finding them. I have a great nephew due any day now and a great niece who will have a birthday Jan 1

  9. So easy to make and the result is gorgeous. Love the embroidery files which makes the plush really special. Thank you very much.

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