New Shop Pattern! Anthro Bird & Harpy Plush

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!

I’m continuing on the anthro animal streak I started last August with the Anthro Dragons <3 Next up are these cute Anthro Birds with a Harpy variation! Like the other anthro animals so far, these have a upright, standing doll pose but have claw or wing arms and big bird feet. The anthro birds have bird heads and beaks, but if you swap it out for the included human head, you can make a Harpy (a bird/human hybrid) instead!
It’s part of my doll series, so it can wear many of the same clothes as my other dolls and their expansions. For example I applied the Plague Doctor Expansion to the Harpy to make this cutie!

Much like the dragons though, the different legs and tails make pants difficult. So a custom pants pattern is included that makes room for the bird tail ♥ Other than that, it can wear all the same dresses, shirts, skirts, cloaks, hats and the like!
In addition to the pants, the set also includes a waistcoat, button down shirt, wrap skirt, and an assassin style cloak with asymmetrical front and pointed hood. I figure these would be a great addition if you’re making an adventuring bird character, like a Kenku from D&D 😀

As always, the sewing pattern contains applique templates to make the bird faces by hand or regular sewing machine. You can also applique some of the details on the clothing, though the ones in the samples are done by machine. If you wanted to try painting or hand-embroidering the details, I’ve included those templates so you have that option. If you do have an embroidery machine, you’ll find those files sold separately.

To celebrate the launch, the new pattern will be 30% off from now through next Wednesday, the 3rd. Meanwhile the embroidery will be 50% off. The other patterns on special are ones for adventuring 😀 like accessories, costumes, and fantastic creatures — those are 20% off. Meanwhile the rest of the shop will be 10% off. I hope you’ll give them a look! And if you snagged a copy of the new pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. If you’re really into Kenku, you may also want to check out NazFx’s Anthro Raven pattern!

8 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Anthro Bird & Harpy Plush”

  1. I was reading the instructions for this pattern earlier and son asked what I was reading. I showed him the sample photo and he says “You make me a pirate bird? Please?”
    He’s 4 and calls parrots “pirate birds” but I think since I also have the anthro dragon pattern I’ll make him just that: a pirate bird!

    1. It would have to be modified 🙂 An opening similar to the other vests & jackets I’ve done would do the trick, but I can help you along if it gives you trouble!

  2. Hi, I am working on this pattern right now, I’m going to make Kass from BotW, maybe Teba and Revali as well. I was wondering if there was a way to alter the pattern to make it sitting? I would like some help if you’re able to 🙂

    1. Hello! Sadly it’s not super easy to explain how to change it to sitting since the legs are sewn in the seams :/ It would involve rotating the leg openings upward toward the belly, then adding more in the back to make up for it and give it a flat sitting space. I hope that makes sense!

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