Dragon Sale! Plus New Neck Dragon Plush & Free Fanart Hacks!

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!

This time last year I released my Long Dragon Plush pattern, and ever since then I’ve had it in my mind to try and make a curved version that you can wear around your neck. And so I gave it go! The pattern shows you how to make either an Eastern-style or Western-style dragon with an extra long curved body that is cute on its own or can rest around your neck like a fun accessory.
If you add in wire to its body, it’ll make it posable so it fits even more snugly against you and you can twist the tail in fun ways to boot! The wire isn’t absolutely required for the project, since not everyone is interested in hunting down hardware. But I highly recommend it since it makes the dragon a lot more comfortable ♥ And it might help to know that I tried a few different wires, and it only needs armature wire, which is usually easy to find in craft stores.

I must admit this might be my favorite project to date 🙂 I really hope Renaissance Faires get to come back soon, since I can’t wait to wear one of these out and about!
As usual, the pattern comes with applique templates for the eyes and other details. But you can also purchase embroidery files separately.
To celebrate the launch, the new pattern will be 30% off from now through the 3rd of February <3 Meanwhile the embroidery will be 50% off. And as a fun start to the new year, all my dragon patterns will also be 20% off, and the rest of my shop will be 10% off. I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you do, you might be interested in this bonus!

Given the Eastern & Western options for the dragon, it seemed too perfect for making both Haku (from Spirited Away) and Toothless! And as I made those two, I realized the pattern would be perfect for Dratini and Dragonair as well 😀 So as a bonus here’s a guide to download to hack the new pattern into these fanart variations! There are applique templates included as well as embroidery files to download for the new faces. I hope everyone enjoys getting out there to make some new dragon buddies!

23 thoughts on “Dragon Sale! Plus New Neck Dragon Plush & Free Fanart Hacks!”

  1. So excited about this one! It’s my birthday soon, and I was going to make Simplicity’s shoulder dragon for the occasion, but I think yours is even cooler!

  2. This is wonderful – Thinking that with some clever zipper insertion (and filling adjustment) you could have a heatpack inside one of these that comes out to go in the microwave.

    1. Unfortunately the Merfauna pack has different shaped heads, so that would be the main hinderance 😕 The 1-piece body is the same though, so if you could find a way to make the head work you would be good 😊

  3. I don’t have a way (or skill) for the embroidery… do you ever make them and sell the made stuffy?

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