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Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Plush


Hi everyone!
Requests for a Pikachu plush have been on my list for a while now, and they really ramped up over the last year or two. He’s such an important character I wanted to make sure to nail it perfectly. So you could say the Hoodie Hack I released back in September was kind of a warm up. But the plush version is finally ready!

This one has a tiny chubby body with stubby legs. The feet and arms are sewn on by hand as well as the ears. It sits well on its own thanks to a flat bottom. Just like the hoodie hack, this one comes with bonus templates for a female version of the tail (with a heart shape at the end) and a shocked face from the meme, haha!

As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make details — including both faces, the back stripes, and base of the tail. These will work if you’re sewing the details by regular machine or by hand. If you have an embroidery machine, those files are included as well. They fit 4″ x 4″ hoops if you place the fabric diagonally, and 5″ x 7″ hoops if the faces are upright.
This project has a lot of darts in the head as well as a weird curved dart in the body. Many of the smaller body parts are also sewn on by hand. So there’s a bit of a time sink there. There are also some crucial points to line up in the legs to get the right shape. So if you take your time with those parts and pin carefully before you sew you’ll get through better. With all of that in mind, I rated it a 4/10.

I hope it lives up to the character for you guys!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

31 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Plush

  1. The link doesn’t work

  2. Hi – Where is the link for the pattern as when I click on the little pictures it takes me to the picture but not to the pattern? I dont have an embroidery machine but my daughter is mad on Pokemon so she would love one of these made up for her – best get some fabrics ordered 🙂 thank you x

  3. So cute… But the links dont work🙈 it is only a jpg🤔

  4. The free pattern links aren’t working 😦

  5. Thank you but the patterns will not download. Only thumbnail pics show up when clicking on the pattern downloads. Its cute! Thank you for offering this cutie to us.

  6. Thank you for another great pattern

  7. It’s a wonderful pattern. Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you – this week and next!

  9. OMG. SO CUTE!

  10. Yay! Love it! Thank You!!!

  11. Thank you for the super cute Pikachu plush pattern. You’ve helped me with my Christmas gifting! I can’t wait to get started. Love your work and your site.

  12. Oh my God, u know? I really love your pattern, but now u make this pikachu… This is really crazy love for all of your pattern, thanks is not enough to show how much i glad for this…
    Love you… Love you… Love you 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  13. Choly!!! This Pikachu plush is so ADORBS! Could you please one day do a Monster Hunter plush? I just KNOW you’d do an amazing job on it! I don’t care if it’s free or in your shop, I totally want one ❤

  14. This is adorable thank you Choly! My mother loves pikachu so this will be a perfect gift for her! I’d love for you to make a Yoshi pattern one day!

  15. This is brilliant, thank you so much :3

  16. I can make my nephews so happy this become a present under the tree ,thank you so much and i love that the free patterns are as good as the bought ones

  17. I love this. I will be making it as one of my next patterns. Could you please do some kind of hoodie hack for the Pokémon Sun and Moon starters?

  18. Thank you so much for this! It’s awesome. Just one question. Do you have plans for an Appa plush? If so, would it be for this year or a future year? Again, thank you so much for all you do. Your patterns are amazing!

  19. Has there been am updated link? I am still unable to access the pattern.

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