Doll Pattern Sale! and New Witch Doll Expansion Pack ♥

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a new plush clothing pattern I’ve added to my shop!

With Halloween creeping up on us, I just couldn’t help myself and I did an expansion pack filled with cute witchy clothes! Despite doing other witchy projects in the past, I just didn’t get my fill — I kept coming up with more ideas as the months went by, haha!
In this pack you’ll find a few new face and hair templates, but the real star is a set of elegant dresses that would work nicely whether your doll is a good witch or a bad witch 😉 They have big flowy skirts, tiny ruffles, and intricate collars and other details. And of course there are classic witch hats too, as well as a few variations on the crown and brim shape to keep things interesting.

The new hair designs work best with my humanoid patterns, like the Chibi Human, Merpeople, or Centaur. But the clothes will fit any of my standing doll patterns, like the Anthro Doll, new Anthro Dragon, or even the free Bat & Cat Girl from last year! It comes with lots of tips for how to adapt the dresses to fit wings and tails.
The expansion pack comes with applique templates for the new hair designs as well as how to applique witchy boots onto several shapes of legs. These applique templates are perfect if you sew by hand or a regular sewing machine. If you have an embroidery machine, there are embroidery files available sold separately.

To celebrate the launch, the new pattern will be 30% off from now through next Wednesday, the 23rd. Meanwhile the embroidery will be 50% off. All other doll patterns will be 20% off, the rest of the shop will be 10% off. I hope you’ll give them a look! And if you snagged a copy of the new pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “Doll Pattern Sale! and New Witch Doll Expansion Pack ♥”

  1. Just stitched out the sweetheart dress and robe. Love love love them!!! Also- do any of the patterns besides the monster expansion pack have removable shoe patterns?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you love them! Unfortunately only the original doll pattern and monster expansion have removeable shoes, but I’ll certainly consider it for future patterns!

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