Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Hoodie Hack

Hi everyone!
It’s September now, so that means spooky season is coming up fast! As usual, I think it’s nice to start off with some costume ideas — so here’s another hoodie hack! <3
I used to create Pokemon hoodies for sale pretty regularly, but pattern-making now takes up my whole schedule. I told myself if that happened I would start sharing my templates for the character hoodies. Who better to start with than everyone’s favorite: Pikachu?

The pattern has the templates for making the ears, tails, and back stripes to dress up a hooded garment. You could use it with my free Scoodie pattern, my free Hooded Shrug Pattern, the Hooded Cowl Pattern from last year, or my paid pattern for a Cosplay hoodie. You could also try it on a pre-purchased hoodie if you can find matching yellow fabric. The pieces can be added to either child or adult garments, though you might want to decrease the size about 25%-40% for a baby size.

For a little extra fun, I’ve also included a female version of the tail, which has sort of a heart shape at the end. And there’s also a surprised face you can use from the popular meme, haha! Both faces are available in both applique template and embroidery file versions. So if you adjust the front of the hood to be one long piece, you can embroider the face in the middle.
I hope you all like it and it might make some of your Halloween planning a little easier!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

7 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Hoodie Hack”

  1. All your free sewing patterns are incredible, thankyou so much for sharing them with people, I love seeing what you come up with next 😀

    I also wanted to make a suggestion, but it might be a bit complex.

    You could try to make Animal Crossing plush patterns with different ears and tails and stuff.. Just a thought :3

      1. Aaah thankyou so much :3 and you’re welcome too! Glad you like my suggestion 🙂 I’ll check out TeacupLion’s pattern in the meantime ^^

  2. Very cute! I’m actually considering making a Pikachu hoodie after seeing this! ^ᴗ^ Also, I have two other hoodie ideas… Spike from My Little Pony, or Cake the Cat from Adventure Time — They could work as hooded pajama onesies too!

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