New Shop Pattern & Sale! Anthro Dragon Plush

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!

I’ve been getting requests lately for more anthropomorphic animals like the woodland animals I did a few years back. So while I hope to dig into making birds, unicorns, bats, and the like, I thought what better animal to start with than a dragon!

It’s a 2-legged standing doll version of one of my dragons, sized in proportion with my other human and animal dolls. So if you’re familiar with putting those together, this pattern will have a lot of similarities. As usual with my dragon patterns, you’ll find it has tons of wing, horn, and spike details you can mix and match for different looks. And of course, being dolls, they need some cute clothes! For this group I thought a pirate theme with a steampunk twist would be fun. So you’ll find instructions for a fun pirate coat, corset, tricorn hat, utility belt, goggles, and a staple skirt and pants.

If you’d like to dress the dragons in other doll clothes, upper body clothes fit the best (due to the tail causing wider hips). For example this cloak from the Fairy Expansion Pack ♥

Sadly due to the unique details like the horns, wings, and thick tail, they can’t wear all of the other doll clothes available. You’ll have the best luck with clothes that fit around the neck and shoulders, like the vests and cloaks from the Fairy Expansion Pack. That’s why this pattern includes some basic clothes so you can adapt them to suit your own designs ♥

As always, the sewing pattern contains applique templates to make the dragon faces by hand or regular sewing machine. You can also applique some of the details on the clothing, though the ones in the samples have machine embroidered details. If you wanted to try painting or hand-embroidering the details, I’ve included those templates so you have that option <3. If you do have an embroidery machine, you’ll find those files sold separately. Or you could also use the Floppy Dragon embroidery files since they have similar head shapes.

To celebrate the launch, the new pattern will be 30% off from now through next Wednesday, the 26th. Meanwhile the embroidery will be 50% off. All other dragon patterns will be 20% off, the rest of the shop will be 10% off. I hope you’ll give them a look! And if you snagged a copy of the new pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern & Sale! Anthro Dragon Plush”

  1. Do you have pattern or pictures for making dog or cat necklace? I would love to receive it, thank you so much.

  2. Hi Choly, I just purchased the Anthro Dragon pattern and the giant Toothless dragon patterns, but where do I get the embroidry files to go with them?
    thanks Fran

  3. hi! i bought this pattern a while ago and am considering making a character using it. is it possible to use the human head (paid or free) with this pattern instead of the dragon one as is or would i have to alter the pattern?

    1. Hello!
      You could definitely use the human head on this pattern 😊 The free version is attached by hand, so there shouldn’t be much stopping you from just attaching it to the dragon body by hand.
      Meanwhile the paid version is attached by machine. In that case you may notice that the human neck is a little smaller than the dragon. So you may need to adjust the neck openings so they fit together better.
      I hope that answers your question!

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