Free Embroidery Update! Calcifer, Shiba Cube, & Winter Plush Charms ♥

Hey everybody!
I don’t get as many requests to revisit older patterns anymore, but there were still a few lingering in my collection that people needed embroidery files for 🙂 So in between projects I found time to look back at these and make some embroidered alternatives!

• First is the Winter Plush Charms from 2017. Being just tiny charms they have especially small faces so I can see why they would be difficult to applique. Luckily it also means they fit into 4″ x 4″ hoops rather easily!

• Next is the Shiba Inu Cube Plush from 2016. This includes a 5″ x 7″ version that has an appliqued muzzle and also a 4″ x 4″ version without the muzzle <3 The ears are also both embroidered and sewn in the hoop so it takes a little bit more of the work off your plate.

• And lastly is Calcifer from 2014 — wow, 6 years ago! Because this pattern was so much older, it actually lacked a lot of the extra photos and illustrations I usually put into my patterns. So I went ahead and completely revamped Calcifer 🙂 Also, his original size only made him able to fit into 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoops. So, much like my Bat or Owl patterns, I created a mini-size Calcifer so people with 4″ x 4″ hoops can make him too! The mini size is about 30% smaller than the original, but still sews up exactly the same.
So if you’re interested in updating your older files, you can find both the new pattern (with the mini size) and the embroidery below.

I hope you all enjoy these new additions and they stitch out well for you!

9 thoughts on “Free Embroidery Update! Calcifer, Shiba Cube, & Winter Plush Charms ♥”

    1. The original patterns all come with applique templates that look the same as the embroidery shown here 🙂 So when they were originally published, all the plushes had their faces created with tiny bits of fabric like felt or flannel.

  1. Thanks very much for publishing these files. I love your patterns, and being able to embroider the details by machine makes them look so much nicer. My adult kids are always impressed!

  2. I haven’t made one of your patterns for around a year, but I still also look at your updates and love to see what you are doing! I still have some minky fabric from when I made 5 of your little free patterns and one of these days I will make some more!!!

  3. Thank you so very much for these awesome embroidery files and the update on the Calcifer sewing pattern!! I love all your patterns and have many! I am so glad for the embroidery files as my old hands can’t do what they used to. Using my embroidery machine gives the plushies a much more professional finished look when I gift them.

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