Free Pattern Friday! Bumblebee Plush

Hi everyone!
I’m knocking another classic animal off my long request list <3 A chubby little bumblebee! Hopefully it provides a bright spot in an otherwise stressful spring.
It has a really round, pudgy body with tiny antennae, legs, and cute wings. My favorite parts are probably the big bug eyes and the tiny stinger though!

It looks great in classic yellow and black, but you can see you could also do gold and brown for a fun color variation. Using fluffy fabric is especially fun to get that real fuzzy bumblebee look (I used Shannon Minky Hide in yellow and black).

The techniques used to make it aren't too complex, but many of the pieces look similar which can get confusing. The pieces have lots of extra labels to help you line them up, so be sure to refer to them and the pictures in the instructions before you sew each seam. With all that in mind, I rated it a 3/10.

As usual, the pattern has applique templates for the face, but you can also use the included embroidery files as well. They're small enough to fit a 4" x 4" hoop if you rotate your fabric <3
I hope you all like it!

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18 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Bumblebee Plush”

  1. OMG! This is just too cute & adorable for words! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us! <3

  2. tigersheart13

    Australia has lots of Native bees in loads of colours like metallic greens and blues – they would be so cute using this pattern – thanks again for brightening our days.

  3. Love it! My cat (little bumblebee) will love it too

    Thank you for all your work, it’s always awesome 🙂

  4. Hi choly knight I love all of your patterns!! They are so cute I was wondering could you please do a competition soon? I just recently found your site a few months ago and I missed all the competitions but they looked like fun.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words about my work! I’ll certainly try to fit a competition into my schedule this year 🙂 It’s already very full, but I’ll do my best! ♥

  5. Hi Choly,

    I was looking at your floppy dragon pattern on Etsy and I was just wondering if you hand sew on the head for the dragon, or machine sew it on?

    1. Hello! For the Floppy Dragon, the head is sewn on by hand 🙂 Usually I would try to sew it by machine, but in tests that made things a little crowded and difficult to achieve.

  6. This pattern is absolutely adorable. Thank you for making it, and thank you sooo much for putting it up for free. I will be using it for making a Xmas present 💛🖤💛🖤

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