Magical Pet Sale! And new Wyvern & Dragon Pattern!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are making it through the month okay! I know times have been tough so I’ve been working hard to keep creating patterns and content that will help keep our minds off the stress <3

I have a new pattern in my shop, and as an extra bonus, I’m having a sale on everything else for the next week! I know there were some that missed my previous sale, so I thought having another would be the least I could do with the current times we’re in.
From now through next Wednesday, the 22nd, my whole shop will be 10% off! Also all magical creature patterns, like unicorns, dragons, and cryptids, will be 20% off <3
The special feature, at 30% off, is my newest Wyvern & Dragon Pattern! I figure we all need some magical friends to keep us company right now ♥

I’ve received a lot of requests for a wyvern lately. If you’re not familiar with the distinction, wyverns are like dragons but with 2 legs instead of 4, and wings for arms instead. Sometimes the difference isn’t very noticeable, but if you take a closer look at your favorite dragon character, you might find that they’re actually a wyvern! A good example might be Stormfly from How to Train Your Dragon.

I thought a wyvern might fit in nicely with my other 4-legged standing patterns, like my Long Dragon, Big Cat Griffins, and Fawn & Unicorn. Just to cover all the bases, this one comes with two body options. So if your favorite character is in fact a classic dragon after all, you’re still covered with this pattern too. This dragon style I did has a wider, more snake-like head (perfect for doing Toothless ♥), it’s sized so you could use the head from the Long Dragon or Floppy Dragon as well.

There are applique templates for the facial features included in the original pattern, or you can buy the accompanying embroidery files if you have an embroidery machine. The separate embroidery files allow you to stitch out some fun designs for the horns as well as applique for one style of wing.

To celebrate its launch, the pattern will be at 30% off for the sale! And the embroidery will be 50% off! I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “Magical Pet Sale! And new Wyvern & Dragon Pattern!”

  1. They are so adorable! Another one to put on my to do list ^^
    Thank you very much for these wonderful pattern. I have done a few already and they are really easy to follow and so beautiful!
    I was wondering if you would ever get the chance to do Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts.
    Another big thank you for everything!

    1. You’re very welcome! Thank you for the kind words and I’m really glad you’re enjoying them! I’ll certainly put down Chirithy on my list of other requests. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  2. I just love your patterns! Have just purchased this one and the embroidery files. I really Love that I can use my embroidery machine on these. Thanks so much also for your free patterns, I can’t believe how much work you put into them ❤️💕❤️💕

  3. I don’t mean to be rude and go full monster nerd because I love the pattern(as I do all your patterns), and WILL use it for some miscevious little bois 😀 but these are NOT wyverns. You could make the pattern into one, but a dragon-like thing with 2 legs and 2 wings are just 2 legged dragons. For it to be a wyvern it has to have a barb on it’s tail, like a scorpion. If you take that away, it is just a dragon. Other than that, you can’t really make a better wyvern, coz you can’t give a plush the ability to spit acid :b just sayin tho, great work and thank you for a pattern I’ve been needing for years

    1. Ah, I must have been doing my research at the wrong places. Sorry about that! At least it’s an easy fix 🙂 Thanks for letting me know — and I’m glad you like the rest of it!

  4. Could you try making it free so more people can use it
    (Like me) since I’m don’t have enough money to buy it I have to live of the free stuff you offer since making plushies costs a lot

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