Free Pattern Friday! No Face Plush

Hi everyone!
I’m adding another Ghibli character to the collection! Fans of Spirited Away hopefully recognize this mysterious creature! This strange guy gets his name from being a black blob with no face (kaonashi in Japanese) and instead wears a Noh-style mask.

He has several key moments in the movie where he offers the main character, Chihiro, bath tokens and gold. I made sure with this pattern to include a huge variety of small items he can hold, including the bath tokens, gold, a classic heart, and even tiny little knitting! (His needles are toothpicks!)

The body is super simple, basically being a long dome. So it comes together very quickly. Sewing extra things for his hands is optional, but does add some more hand-sewing time to the overall work load. With all that in mind, I rated it a 2/10.

As always, the main pattern has templates to make the mask, mouth, and bath tokens in applique, but you can also use the included embroidery files as well <3 The mask can fit on 4″ x 4″ hoops, and the full mask and mouth can fit on 5″ x 7″ hoops.

I hope you all like it!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

15 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! No Face Plush”

  1. silentmelody2010

    Omg I am so excited to make this! I would love to see a Final Fantasy Carbuncle plush *hint, hint* 😉Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. Hi, first time commenting. First off, I love all your stuff both free and in store. Many of my nieces and nephews are currently rocking some very cute plushies thanks to you.

    Anyway, are you apart of the animal crossing craze? Well if your not and you deserve a bit of the hype train yourself, I saw in the game you can get an item called the Nook Inc. knapsack. It looks pretty simple (it’s a knapsack) but also very chic. So if you were thinking about doing any animal crossing themes stuff this month, I’m just throwing that out there. Either way, love you and what you do!!

    1. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the kind words 🙂
      I don’t play Animal Crossing personally but my husband is so I know the exact knapsack you’re talking about ♥ I’ll certainly consider it for future projects! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  3. Aaaaaah! YES!!! Love love love! More Miyazaki please! A paid pattern ITH susuwatari would be my dream come true!

    1. Well it’s not a plush but I’ve made a diy soot sprite if you’d like me to made a video or directions I could send a link

  4. I absolutely love this blog! It’s SO adorable and I love that there are so many free crafts on here. Thank you so much! BTW: I made this little guy and absolutely loved it!

  5. Hi Choly ❤ I admire your design skill and your detailed work so much ❤ Tried the open arms and holding heart version and they both turned out beautifully 😊
    Big hugs from Argentina!!

  6. I recently made one, and I love him! I even figured out a way to stitch a loop into the knitting that makes it removeable, letting him be adorable by day and soft and cuddly by night. Absolutely adore every single pattern!

  7. Thank you for this pattern! I used it to make reversible No Face with the happy mask on one side and the angry open mouth on the other. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

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