New Shop Pattern! Chimera Plush

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a new pattern that I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop 😀

This idea was kind of a slow burn 🙂 I had gotten a few requests for a Chimera since my legendary creatures collection back in 2016. As the years went by, the requests increased more and more until finally I thought I should give it a go!
So with this pattern you can make a Chimera with a lion body & head in addition to goat and dragon heads on the side. A snake for a tail finishes off the chaotic beast <3 But since naturally the look of the creature can sometimes vary depending on the source, I included templates for additional dragon wings and a scorpion tail. If you change up the combination you could make a Manticore as well!

It has a similar structure to my Cerberus plush from back in 2017, so if you’re familiar with that one you’ll have an easy time with this. I rated it a 5/10 because in addition to the 3 heads it also has a lot of extra horns that need hand-sewing and take more time.
As always, there are applique templates included for the faces. They all have pretty simple eyes, though with the goat you have the option of more accurate wide pupils. Some might find the look a little creepy, so it’s not required. Also just like the Cerberus, the embroidery files are included for this one! So the lion, goat (in both eye styles), dragon, and snake eyes are bundled together with the pattern — no separate purchase necessary! <3 All the pattern parts fit 4” x 4” hoops so you can embroider this pattern no matter what you’ve got 😀

To celebrate its launch, the pattern will be 30% off for the first weekend! I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

12 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Chimera Plush”

  1. Beautiful pattern! TBH, I had no idea a “chimera” was a specific animal, until I saw a certain MLP episode. I would love to make that version, though it didn’t have a dragon head. They also had manticores in the show, too! Thank you again for the wonderful pattern! 😀

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think the word started as a name for the beast, then branched out to mean any creature that’s a combination of other animals 😀 I always enjoy reading up on the history ♥ And seeing the spin that MLP takes on the creatures is always fun too!

      1. @Alex. Yes, she chose to offer those and that is great. It’s fine if the artist OFFERS something free. NEVER ASK. Had Lucy simply suggested an elephant pattern for the future (free or paid), that would have been fine. Specifically asking for it to be free is pretty tacky.

  2. Love this file and that the embroidery files are included too. I know you bundle patterns, but have you considered bundling the Embroidery files, so All the Dragon Files for example – so people have all and can mix and match more if they want – or does this just get too confusing. From my point of view I want to make sure I get them all, but don’t double up (until you make new ones). Thankyou.

  3. This is an adorable pattern!! Do you remember what color fabric you used for the manticore’s wings and tail?

  4. These are AMAZING!!!! I haven’t been able to keep up lately, going through a lot with life. but you’re still creating amazing patterns and plushies!!!! Can you make an invader zim GIR plushie pattern please?

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