Free Pattern Friday! Jiji Plush

Hi everyone!

I’ve got another addition to my Ghibli pattern collection! This time it’s Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service ❤ This movie is a real classic that's still incredibly popular among fans after so many years. It's easy to see why with such a cute cat character in it!

This one has a simple round head with an added pointy nose as well as huge perky ears. So the ears are sewn into the head dart much like Kero & Spinell from earlier in the year. The body has a sweet sitting pose made by a simple gusset, so there is a y-seam to tackle, but it’s not too difficult if you pay attention to the markings.
You can dress it up in a red ribbon for a fast finish, or even make your own collar and ribbon from a different fabric. The overall look is pretty classic so it would be great in other colors.

Because of the details in the body and head I rated it a 4/10.
There are applique templates to make the face as well as embroidery files too ❤ You’ll just need to rotate your fabric to fit diagonally within a 4” x 4” hoop.

I hope this might help knock some Ghibli lovers off your holiday gift list!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

29 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Jiji Plush

  1. This looks adorable– I can’t wait to try it out when I have some time over the holidays! One thing, though– it looks like the links to download the patterns are broken, could you please try adding them again?
    Thank you for this pattern– as always, love your work and love recommending your site! ❤

  2. I’m trying to download the file but the links only send me straight to the link for the picture? But I can open the link for the “basic embroidery tips” one… Is that just me?

  3. Aaaaa I made a kiki costume for halloween and i couldn’t find a jiji in time — plus I’ve been craving a jiji plush regardless. This is perfect, thanks so much! I can’t wait to make him!

  4. Your so AWSOME!! I tried to making a Jiji but it looked so weird. you have an amazing gift to design plushies. looking forward to adding this guy to my daughter/Son and my collection.

  5. Hallo.
    Ich hatte mir das Schnittmuster für das ijiji herunter geladen. Es ist nur eine PDF Datei dabei mit Bildern. Alle anderen Dateien kann ich nicht öffnen. Also ich komme nicht an das Schnittmuster. Können Sie mir da helfen? Oder den Schnitt zuschicken?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    M. Gruse

  6. The only thing that I wish you would do is to add videos because when I was sewing the body It was a little confusing. Thanks though because there soooooo cute.

  7. Thanks for the pattern, it looks great! But when I try to convert it to word so I can print out the patterns and instructions, it won’t open in Word. Any advice?

      1. I know it can be read, but I want to print it out so I can do it. I tried printing on PDF, but it doesn’t work. How do I print it so that I can use it?

      2. I’m sorry printing isn’t working for you 😦 Usually the File > Print command from Adobe Reader is all you need. But you can often open .pdfs from browsers like Chrome or Firefox and print from there as well.

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