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Free Pattern Friday! Bat & Cat Girl Doll Plush


Hi everyone!
I’m leaning more on the costume side of the Halloween spirit today! These plush dolls are a much simpler version of the Chibi Human plush dolls from my store. So they have a little more hand sewing and fewer curves, since the version I sell has some complicated bits. It always bothered me that I don’t have a simple doll plush for those that are still starting out, so hopefully this helps some beginners!

In the spirit of Halloween, these cute dolls are in their best bat and cat costumes, complete with animal ear hats and fun printed dresses 😀 So if you have some cute Halloween cotton prints this is the perfect time to bust them out! But since these have the same proportions as my Chibi Human doll plush, you should know they can share clothes with them too! 😉
I rated this one a 4/10 in difficulty since there are some tiny pieces and a good bit of hand sewing, but it’s still much more basic than the paid version. The hat and dress come together especially fast so you can have a whole wardrobe in just a day!

There are applique templates included to make the face and hair, as well as embroidery files too ❤ To applique the hair by embroidery machine you need a 5” x 7” hoop, but for just the face it can fit into a 4” x 4” hoop.
I hope these mischievous little girls can make it into your spooky sewing plans too!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

13 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Bat & Cat Girl Doll Plush

  1. Thank you! ❤️

  2. These are so cute! Thank yo.

  3. Thank you so much!

  4. They’re adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern! 😀

  5. thank you i love it

  6. Thank you! Love ALL of your designs

  7. Thank you! They’re adorable!

  8. So cute! Thank you!

  9. Hello! I’m a beginner sewer and I’ve been making plushies for my friends. would it be possible to adapt this pattern to make a mind flayer and do you have any advice on how I would do that? Also I will be making it out of felt. Thank you and I love your patterns!

  10. So flippin cute!!! ^ ^ cant wait to try! I’ve used a few of your patterns before and always wondered what is your best recommendation on fabric? (never been good at picking it out)

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