New Shop Pattern! Plus a Wizarding Sale ♥

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a new pattern that I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop 😀

I’ve had the occasional request for a badger, mostly because I have patterns for (or are close to) the other Hogwarts mascots from Harry Potter, but none for a badger yet. I thought it sounded like fun (love those eye stripes!) but it just didn’t feel right without having the whole animal set in a style that matched. So I did all four Hogwarts mascots from the same base so they look more like they belong together! <3

They have a cute and simple chibi shape with stubby arms and legs. They’re mostly machine sewn so they come together quicker than usual. Though if you have trouble with some parts they can  also be sewn by hand. And for that extra Harry Potter flair they come with templates to make a Hogwarts scarf or wizard hat!
The shapes are pretty simple though the size is a little small. Some of the curved areas get a bit tight so you have to do some stretching to make the pieces fit. And you have to be wary of the badger eye stripes since those curves are very crucial. Overall though I rated it a 4/10 and the badger a 5/10.

Though they’re all based on the same main pattern, they wound up quite different from each other at the end (especially that snake!), so it made it confusing to put every animal in one set of instructions. Instead they’re all separate, which is great if you’re only interested in your house animal — or maybe not that into Harry Potter!
There’s the classic Gryffindor lion with a fluffy mane and tiny ears, a cute raven for Ravenclaw (though with a color swap you can do the book-accurate golden eagle), a sneaky snake for Slytherin complete with tiny tongue, and maybe my favorite, a lovable badger for Hufflepuff.
You can also buy them as a bundle at a steep discount 😀

They all use the same eye designs to help them look like a matching set, and it has options for happy and angry eyes as well. The embroidery files are also sold separately. They contain the files needed to make each kind of eye for each animal as well as paws for the lion and badger feet. Though there are 7 other size options in case you want to use them for a different project. All the pattern parts fit 4” x 4” hoops so you can embroider this pattern no matter what you’ve got 😀 Though the lion had to be simplified to fit within a small hoop, it’ll still work ♥

To celebrate its launch, all the patterns (and the bundle) will be 30% off from now through Monday 😀 And the embroidery will be 50% off! And because it’s Harry’s birthday coming up, all wizarding items are 20% off ♥ So all fantasy-type stuff mentioned in the books — dragons, unicorns, Cerberus (aka Fluffy), you name it. A whole wizarding blowout!
I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy of any of the new patterns, I hope you enjoy it!


Also! I had some curious about what colors I used for the animals 😀 Here’s a link to and the name of each color:

Gold lion: Gold, rust, and vanilla. Black hat and yellow & scarlet scarf.
Tan lion: Cappuccino, caramel, and beige. Ash hat and crimson & gold scarf.
Black raven: Black and ash. Ash hat and royal blue & silver scarf.
Blue raven: Navy and French blue. Black hat and electric blue & platinum scarf.
Golden eagle: Caramel and gold. Brown hat and midnight blue & gold scarf.
Green snake: Olive, sage, and scarlet. Ash hat and emerald & platinum scarf.
Green/yellow snake: Kiwi, yellow, and scarlet. Black hat and hunter & silver scarf.
Black badger: Black, white, and charcoal. Ash hat and lemon & black scarf.
Brown badger: Brown, white, and mocha. Black hat and yellow & black scarf.

12 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Plus a Wizarding Sale ♥”

  1. These are adorable! I’m a bit intimidated by the embroidery, but this will be a great project to get some practice.

    1. i am too ,and don’t have a sewing machine that does it for me i use small pieces of felt that works great

  2. OMG, this is so adorable! My bf’s family is always out playing wizards United so I may have to make em all their house mascots now. Thank you for being awesome!

  3. These are adorable! I love that you made a set that can all go together in a similar style.

  4. This is going to seem like an odd request, but would it be possible for you do put up a color guide at some point of the minky colors you use? I don’t know what they use on amazon or to take photos, but the colors are nearly never as accurate as I hope when I get them, and you always have some of the nicest colors picked for your example plushies!!

    1. I absolutely know what you mean about the photos being misleading online D: But thank you for the nice words about my color choices! I hadn’t considered others would be curious ♥
      I put up a list at the bottom of the post, because it was chock full of links so hopefully it’s cleaner to read that way 😀
      I hope that helps!

  5. I sware this was a free pattern. Now I need to find where I got the plush pattern I have. The post with the pattern appologised about ravenclaw being represented with a Raven, and suggested the color swap with what looks to be the same photos as proof that it goes from incorrect Raven to correct eagle.

  6. I love these and the raven is super cute but being a Ravenclaw myself I have to say that the Ravenclaw mascot is not actually a raven but an eagle. Is there any chance that you could make an eagle to be included in this set?

  7. I like to hand sew even though it is a lot of work. I find it therapeutic. If I buy this set can I do it by hand I dont want to buy it and not use it because it is only designed for machines ive done the love dragon the mer kitty and toothless plushies by hand.

  8. These are super cute, my sister is in Hufflepuff and I am in Ravenclaw I have to find this pattern

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