New Shop Pattern! Stacking Lions, Tigers, & Bears Plush

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a new pattern that I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop 😀

This is sort of a twist on the tsum-tsum stacking plush design. I honestly think Teacuplion patterns pretty much nailed the classic tsum-tsum style, so I’ve been curious about a different version for some time now. This version has a loaf-shaped body that stacks well with others — what sets it apart is that the arms and legs are splayed out in front, parallel to the body.
The downside is it does make sewing the plush a little deceptively difficult, but I’m still really enjoying the result! Sewing the arms and legs involves a lot of y-seams and lining up points. So if you’ve ever made my Nessie plush then this one might look a little familiar. It has all the important points numbered so you know exactly what to do. The major upside is once you get the hang of it, the sewing can go rather quickly because there are very few tiny fiddly pieces. I broke up the majority of the body into several steps, but once you’re familiar with it you can actually do it all in one go <3

This shape of plush could work really well for lots of different animals, but I settled on a lion, tiger, and bear this time 😀 I thought they looked especially cute in my sketches and I couldn’t resist the urge to put a little fleece scarf on the polar bear.

To celebrate its launch, I’ll be offering it at 30% off for the first weekend! I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Stacking Lions, Tigers, & Bears Plush”

  1. Hi, i buy your pattern on Etsy, but first page (i mean pattern page) is really chaotic, is that ok or is mistake?
    I love your pattern but this is first time when I’m confused.

    1. Im so sorry, all was my bad 😀 i use wrong software for print.
      Once again, sorry :3

    2. I’m so sorry about that! It is a mistake with the way the file was exported — that it doesn’t work well with some software. The file has been corrected and updated on Etsy, so maybe if you re-download you’ll get the new version? Regardless, I’ve sent you an Etsy message with the new file so it will work no matter which software now 😀 Thanks again for your purchase!

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