Free Pattern Friday! Sloth Plush

Hi everybody!
Throughout a lot of last year I had many requests for a sloth plush <3 And I finally got the chance to make one! I had in my head the idea that it should have a round, bean-like body. But even more important than that, it should have Velcro in its claws so it can hang onto things! So in the end, I was so happy it worked out 😀 I had the prototype hanging in my work area all throughout the making of the pattern. My favorite part is that you can sew the head rotated so it looks like the sloth is turning to you while it hangs.
It has only 5 pattern pieces so it comes together really quickly. But I still rated it a 3/10 in difficulty because getting the neck seam is a little tricky because the arms are sooo long. But overall the pieces are very simple – I would have given it 2 stars if not for the neck.

And just like last month, this pattern also comes with the embroidery files needed for the face! The eye marking shape is slightly different to make it easier to stitch up, but for the most part it’s the same as the original. Do let me know if it gives you any problems so I can improve on future embroidery files!

P.S. If you’d like to see some behind-the-scenes work on the making of this plush, check out my Patreon! For just $1 a month, subscribers get behind-the-scenes posts and all of my free patterns 1 week early! And you have access to the posts from last month’s Love Dragon pattern to check if you like what you see!

98 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Sloth Plush”

  1. This pattern is soooo cute! Thank you for making it and offering it to us free of charge. I’ve learned so much from you and continue to learn with each pattern of yours I make. Your instructions are excellent with thoroughness and clarity.

  2. Many thanks for this new pattern, this new animal is so cute !!!! I will start to make it for my children (3) this week-end, the weather is bad here (France). I will send a picture to you when they will be finished.
    I also make my own plush patterns, bags and leather booties, if you want to discover my work, my facebook page is
    Have a good week-end !

  3. Fabric – check. Stuffing – check. On your mark, get set and I’m off to make some sloths. You have made me a very happy plush maker!

  4. Literally was searching for a pattern for a sloth and making a pattern in my head when I stumbled on this. LOVE this pattern!!! You’re amazing, Thank you!! Already cutting it out. Gonna try to make a lovey blanket using the sloth head 😉

  5. Thank you for the cute pattern AND the embroidery files. I am looking forward to trying to sew this sloth!

  6. Your patterns are so fantastic even an occasional sewer like me can make them, thanks so much Choly!

  7. Thanks so much for this pattern, I was searching for a sloth pattern. You are the best!!
    By the way, where did you found the fabric for the grey sloth? What is the name of this type of fabric?
    Thanks 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your help. I was searching this fabric for a long time but I didnt know the name.

  8. It’s cute !!!
    As your can make every animal super cute (even jelly fish !), won’t you try to create a turtle pattern ? It could very fun ^_^
    And thank for all your free pattern, they are really great and make nice birth gifts for my friends babies ; )

  9. Unfortunately I don’t have an embroidery machine so from now on your patterns will be hard for me to sew… 🙁
    Could you please also add applique files as well as embroidery files? Thanks so much!

    1. This pattern still has applique templates — the gray one and mint green one are done with applique as examples 🙂 All the future patterns will still have applique too! I still personally prefer applique over embroidery so that will always be an option.

  10. I made your sloth, gave it to my son for his birthday. He LOVED it. We loved the show Zootopia (Deloris, Deloris, Deloris! What do you call a camel with 3 humps??) haha

    Anyway, AWESOME pattern!! Thanks again!

  11. Hi! I was wondering what the fabric is called that you used for the rosebud mint sloth and where you got it. Thanks!

    1. Hello! The fabric I used is made by a lot of different brands, and usually goes by “Rose,” “Rosebud,” or “Swirl” minky. I got it from ( (, but I’ve also seen it at JoAnn Fabrics too 🙂 Unfortunately they don’t carry the color I got anymore, but they still have most classic colors. I hope that helps!

  12. What a lovely pattern…I’m so going to try this but on a mini scale…I like a small pattern challenge.

  13. this will be my first try-my GD loves sloths; so I hope the will bring a smile to her face-wish me luck and TY so much for making it possible

  14. Thank you very much for your gorgeous plush sloth pattern, he’s so cute. My wee 3 year old granddaughter is going to be so happy to have her own Sloth to cuddle.
    I might be able to post a photo, after Christmas, I will have to ask her Mum first.
    Many Thanks, I’m looking forward to browsing through your lovely crafts ❤️

  15. I have not made your Sloth – yet – but wanted to compliment you on your awesome instructions and tutorial! So clear and easy to understand! I can’t wait to try this pattern – I see many Sloths in my future!! Thank you so much 🙂

  16. I have negative feedback I’m afraid. I have sewn for many years and made many soft toys but this one has some real basic flaws which do not encourage me to try anymore of your patterns, which defeats the marketing benefits of supplying free patterns. I would’ve emailed you directly but there isn’t a direct email address on this site, only an ’email me’ button which takes you to Microsoft email which I don’t have.
    My first issue is that you suggest glue basting the head piece fabric when embroidering it. That has been a real pain when sewing the sections together, as the glue (505 adhesive spray was used) stuck to the presser foot or the needle plate.
    Considering the fact that the whole body sits inside the head when attempting to sew the head onto the body, that is more than quite ‘tricky’. You state that issue in the description but the pattern offers no help or suggestion about how to make that happen more easily. I’m just thanking the stars I didn’t use furry fabric.
    Can I suggest you add some helpful tips and I recommend changing the grade of pattern to much higher than 3. This is not suitable for beginners at all.

    1. I’m very truly sorry this pattern gave you trouble 🙁
      Concerning the gluing, glue stick was suggested since the glue only needs to go around the edge of the applique — just enough to hold it in place for sewing. I’m very sorry the 505 caused lots of sticking for you :/
      Concerning the neck, unfortunately the best advice I could offer was mentioned in the instructions — to stick the legs through the opening for turning to reduce some of the crowding in the body area. Also that the head should sit inside the body since there’s more room in the body than in the head.
      You could also sew the head to the body first, then sew the whole front body half to the back body, but it would eliminate the option to have the head turned.
      Regardless, I apologize that this has created a bad first impression for my work and I completely understand that you have no interest in any other work I’ve done. I appreciate you giving this one a try and I hope you find a pattern designer that works better for you in the future!
      Nevertheless I’ll look into adding more tips to the pattern and more options for the neck as well as changing the difficulty rating 🙂

      P.S. And sorry about the issue with the email as well :/ the email link typically tries to find an email application to direct to. So sadly there’s no way of knowing how it will react to each person’s computer.

  17. Hi, firstly, thank you for this free pattern. I’m writing because I’ve been working on this for my entire day. I am meticulously following the directions but somehow the arms and legs are all facing the same direction despite following the one Velcro up and one Velcro down image. Was I supposed to reverse something? I’m upset, I’ve come so far and my OCD is ticking looking at these arms and claws. Please advis.

    1. Hello! So sorry the Velcro placement is a little confusing! :/ It sounds like you might be all right, as when you have two opposing arms the claws should overlap and stick. When they’re all curved in the same direction the Velcro should all be on top.
      But to focus on the end result, you could pre-stick the claws right before step 12. Just be sure they’re basted just the way you’ve stuck them 🙂 Same with the legs in step 13.
      Alternatively, you could also just add the Velcro after attaching the arms and legs so you can be sure they’re in the right spot and avoid all the hassle. I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough reply! My arms are going to be wonky for this first one, but that is how we learn, right? Trial by error. He’ll be my unique and special sloth. Hopefully the second time around it will take less time as well. Thanks again and have a great weekend :).

  18. Susan Leshinsky

    I LOVE this pattern! I’ve made 3 so far. Someone just asked me the completed size – do you know offhand? I don’t have it here to measure 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  19. I just finished one using a long Sherpa faux fur for my son’s first birthday present. I think the hardest thing was working with that fabric, especially since I had never worked with fur before! I actually bent 3 pins and broke 2 needles. But it’s a testament to the clarity and quality of the tutorial that I finished it at all – and that it looks so cute! Though difficult to work with (for me), the fur was incredibly forgiving of imperfections. I can’t wait to give this guy to my son!

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