New Shop Pattern! Pudgy Pet Plush

Hi everybody!
I’ve got a new pattern that I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop 😀

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a dog or cat pattern that people can use to make into their pets <3 While there are loads of ways to tackle this, I got it in my head to try a more teddy-bear style plush with both a large head and body. I figure this would be a lot more huggable and squeezable. I think other styles would be just as fun, so perhaps I’ll try for those later 🙂

For now, I made this set of sweet animals that comes with templates for 4 different kinds of ears, 5 different tails, and 3 different faces. With all of those combined, it’s a lot of fun getting to put together your favorite pet. And to top it off, you can make them a matching collar or bandanna! (I'm unnaturally excited about the bandanna for some reason, haha!) I thought with the arms outstretched it looked perfect for a Maneki Neko. The construction is quite similar to the chibi plushies I’ve done in the past, but since the neck is so much wider for this one, it’s much easier to sew it by machine. All in all, this pattern has very little hand-sewing so it comes together quickly if you’re a seasoned stitcher.

To celebrate its launch, I’ll be offering it at 30% off for the first weekend! (not including taxes and fees) I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Pudgy Pet Plush”

  1. Good Morning

    I was wondering, there ‘s a new character (Lucas the spider) he is a little friendly spider, and based on a real one “the jumping spider” . What are the chances for you to make a pattern like that?

    I’m afraid of spiders, and this little guy just made my heart melt,, now when I see a little jumping spider I think of Lucas the spider, and I would love if a pattern can be made about him.

    Photo attached, Youtube has videos of him ,search Lucas the spider , and a bunch will pop up .

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Regards Irene

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ve definitely seen Lucas and he would make an adorable plush 🙂 I believe I have had some other requests for spiders in the past, so I’ll definitely consider it ♥ Maybe for Halloween 😀

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