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Pattern Hack! Night Fury Hoodie


Halloween is fast approaching! So I thought I might share this fast costume idea 😀 It’s an add-on of sorts to my cosplay hoodie pattern, but it works just as well with other hoodie patterns or even with a hoodie you might already own. It’s all the extras you need to make a Night Fury hoodie 🙂

The pattern comes with templates for head spikes, horns, back spikes, applique face templates, and wings as well as instructions for how to insert them into my hoodie pattern. It could even work for the shrug pattern from earlier this month! If you’ve got some sewing experience, it’s easy to see how these fit into an already purchased hoodie as well. Altogether you’ll have an awesome costume in no time!

5 thoughts on “Pattern Hack! Night Fury Hoodie

  1. This is perfect timing! I’m working on a toothless costume for my son and can use these pieces. Thanks so much!

  2. What a great pattern! Thanks a lot dir all the beautiful stuff you create and Share with us.

  3. Thank you sooo much.

  4. This is so awesome! I’m definitely making one for me, but can you tell me if I could maybe half the size of the pattern so I could make one for my 4 yr old daughter? She wants one too! =) Thanks Choly!

    • Short answer: definitely! I think that would work pretty well 😀
      Long answer: I think the wings definitely need to be about 50%. The back spikes maybe more like 70% so they don’t get so small that they’re hard to sew — and you can trim off the smallest spikes on the ends to make them shorter. And the head spikes, ears, & face pieces I’m thinking also 70% since toddler heads aren’t quite 50% smaller than adult ones.
      Hopefully that helps!

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