Free Pattern Friday! Witch Kitty Plush

The Halloween craziness continues! While thinking of other spooky-themed projects I realized I hadn’t done anything witch-related. A perfect opportunity to dress up a sweet little black cat!

I had so much fun putting this project together, especially because it gives you an opportunity to use bright Halloween colors like purple, acid green, and pumpkin orange. Not to mention lots of fun Halloween cotton prints that are always such a blast to go through at the fabric store. Use up your stash dressing up the little witch hat or capelet!

The finished plush is an adorable handheld size making it perfect to hang around on your desk during the rest of the Halloween weeks. I hope you guys will put your own fun twists on this character!

18 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Witch Kitty Plush

  1. Thank you!!!! That black one looks like my little kitty who moved in by falling down my chimney in the middle of the night when she was a kitten. I’ve never figured out how she got onto the roof (she was just a tiny thing), but it didn’t take her long to go from scared little feral to the precious little demon she is now. Her brother, who we had to trap and bring in, is a scaredy cat to this day despite being the biggest cat in the house, but he too has settled into being a house cat and has no desire to be outside again.

  2. Youre patterns is soooo nice 🙂 my son love cats 🙂
    I make few more cats for charity auction. I hope, you do not mind. All the money will go to handicapped cats 🙂

  3. do you have any more rounded eyes for and longer ears? I kinda want to use this pattern for an Animal Crossing cat, if that’d be cool with you

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