New Shop Pattern! Cosplay Hoodie

Hi everyone!
This new pattern has been SO long in the works – so I can’t thank everyone enough for your patience! It’s definitely one of my most requested patterns. An animal themed cosplay hoodie!
It’s the hoodie pattern I’ve been using for years to make original and fanart characters for conventions. And with summer and convention season coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to put the finishing touches on it. It’s a really simple and streamlined pattern that’s perfect for making quick changes and customizations to.

I’ve been sewing these hoodies actually for a lot longer than I’ve been making patterns, so I kind of wanted to be sure my skills at instructions were well-secured before launching such a big project. I’ve done dozens of characters, so it was hard to determine what should be included in the pattern. In the end I stuck with the most popular features along with options and tips for using the pattern as the base for your own original characters. The pattern comes with bear ears, cat/fox/wolf ears, extra-long rabbit ears (another fan favorite), and bat or bird wings. There are also options to give it basic wrist cuffs, a contrast bottom band, or thumb hole cuffs. And to finish it off there are tons of applique templates for putting a cute face or fun stripes and spots on your character.

The actual construction of the hoodie also contains help with sewing with knits, zipper installation, hemming, and even how to use a twin needle. There are two options, both a women’s-style fitted hoodie or a unisex/men’s-style relaxed or “boyfriend” hoodie. And what’s great is the sizes range from an adult XS up to 5XL! They need a lot of pages to print out the templates, so I’ve offered the option of buying the patterns pre-printed if you want to skip that step for a few dollars more.
So if you’re interested in making a costume hoodie either of a favorite character or one you made up yourself, this will get you there without a lot of extra work. And the extra ear and wing patterns offer loads of mix-and-match options, not to mention giving you something to work off of if you want to design your own parts.

I sincerely hope you all like how it turned out 🙂 I’ll consider doing more clothing or at least more characters if it goes well!
To celebrate its launch, I’m offering the pattern for 33% off for the first week!
I hope you’ll give it a look!

10 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern! Cosplay Hoodie”

  1. Just purchased my pattern this morning, so excited!! Thank you for all the hard work putting it together and offering it to the public. Can’t wait for your fleece hat patterns to come out….hehe!!!

  2. Looks awesome! Will certainly be buying this so I can finally get some use out of my sewing machine
    Does it give detailed instructions for installing a zipper though, or does it assume we’re already able to? I’ve never worked with a zip before so I’m hoping it’ll show me how!

    1. I’d say it does give detailed instructions! It’s much like my other free patterns in that it goes over how to place the zipper, pin it, and sew it with the proper placement. It also shows how to pick out and how to shorten 3 kinds of separating zippers 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for such an informative and easy to follow design. I’ve been waiting for this project and I’m so glad I did. It really lays everything out and makes me want to create some for the whole family! The best part for me would be the plus size options. It’s not often that I can find a pattern that will allow me to make something cute for my daughter and me without having to double up on the pattern purchase.

    Now, we are gathering our coupons to go shopping. Thanks again!

  4. Will this ever be available Children’s sizes? I would love to make one for my cousin’s birthday, but she’s only 10, and way too small for adult sizes.

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