Free Pattern Friday! Eevee Zipper Pouch

I had been getting a lot of requests for a pattern that’s similar to the animal-faced zipper pouches that are quite trendy right now. And when it occurred to me that I hadn’t done any Pokemon projects in a while, I thought I might combine the two! So together it’s a small and cute rounded pouch that has a face of one of the 9 eevee evolutions.
Yes, that’s right! All 9 of them are included! It felt weird to do it any other way, but it ended up being a pretty large undertaking to explain sewing the details for 9 different versions, haha 😀 Hopefully it all goes over well! Unfortunately the pouch itself looks a lot easier than it is. Sewing a curved zipper is often difficult for people, and getting the ends of the zipper to work into the pouch is tricky and similar to doing y-seams. So I rated it a 5/10 in difficulty. If you’ve had some practice with zippers you might feel comfortable giving it a try for someone special 🙂

They’re fully lined and look great inside and out, so you can be sure if you made this for a convention they would really steal the show – especially if you make the set of 9 together! Do you have a favorite? Mine’s probably Leafeon <3

32 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Eevee Zipper Pouch”

  1. Your sewing pattern instructions are so cute, elaborate and easy to follow!
    Thanks so much for doing this c:

  2. These are the cutest bunch of pouch designs!!!! I’m so happy you made these Choly! I’ve been making pouches recently and these are good side projects to make! ❤❤❤
    Thanks so much for sharing this with 😄❤everyone!!!

  3. Could you make a plush with this? Maybe that could be your next pattern? I would love a full size Sylveon!!!!

  4. What color minky did you use for each of these? Or what colors would you use (it looks like minky but I may be wrong)? Would it be in anyway possible for you to make a list for reference? I’m sure it’d be super helpful but I understand if not.

    These are so cute! I definitely want to make all of them 🙂

  5. I used fusible web on face and ears also. It made the pouch so bulky and was tough to assemble. T_T
    But I LOVE how it turned out. The zipper tip was so helpful, too. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you very much for these very cute inspiration and patterns! I just can’t wait to try them!
    Many greeting from Germany


  7. Terra Dagenais

    I love it, Pokemon are so cute, I like sylveon and Eevee and Vaporeon. Thanks!

    Terra💖 From in Saskatoon

  8. This pattern was really easy to follow. I modified it just a little so I could make it into a gengar.
    Thanks for the really detailed instructions and the easy to use pattern!

  9. Hi choly I’ve been trying to do this pattern for a while I’ve made 3 so far but every time I finish it looks terrible. I started using 7” zipper instead of 9” zipper cause when I finish it opens to the bottom on the purse basically. Is there a reason for it being 9” or am I doing something wrong. I started using a zipper foot because I thought it would be easier. It is a little bit but for some reason when I sew the lining to the front it’s not connecting. Even though I pin the two together a lot. Im not sure what I’m doing wrong but they end up not right in some way please help. Do you have any more tips.

    1. Hello! I’m sorry the pouch is giving you trouble! If a 7″ zipper works better for you that’s great 😊 I personally just thought the 9″ gave better access to the contents inside — so it’s just a personal preference.
      If the zipper isn’t lining up right and not staying put, many people would recommend basting it first. So if you attach it by hand first with some really long hand-stitches, it should hold it in place a lot better than pins. I really hope that might help for you!

  10. I love these but am confused about the part second part of adding the zipper, I have done the front with lining and zipper but when it comes to adding the other lining and back am confused no matter how I put the zip it just seals the pouch >.< where does the zip sit, sorry I get confused easily with instructions

  11. I love these pouches and they’re really popular, please at some point if you get chance could we have embroidery files, I do currently go off the blobs for some of the embroidery but ones like sylveon don’t work quite the same 🙈 your patterns are used so much by me I literally don’t use anyone else for plushies lol

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