Free Pattern Friday! Eevee Zipper Pouch

I had been getting a lot of requests for a pattern that’s similar to the animal-faced zipper pouches that are quite trendy right now. And when it occurred to me that I hadn’t done any Pokemon projects in a while, I thought I might combine the two! So together it’s a small and cute rounded pouch that has a face of one of the 9 eevee evolutions.
Yes, that’s right! All 9 of them are included! It felt weird to do it any other way, but it ended up being a pretty large undertaking to explain sewing the details for 9 different versions, haha 😀 Hopefully it all goes over well! Unfortunately the pouch itself looks a lot easier than it is. Sewing a curved zipper is often difficult for people, and getting the ends of the zipper to work into the pouch is tricky and similar to doing y-seams. So I rated it a 5/10 in difficulty. If you’ve had some practice with zippers you might feel comfortable giving it a try for someone special 🙂

They’re fully lined and look great inside and out, so you can be sure if you made this for a convention they would really steal the show – especially if you make the set of 9 together! Do you have a favorite? Mine’s probably Leafeon <3

26 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Eevee Zipper Pouch

  1. Your sewing pattern instructions are so cute, elaborate and easy to follow!
    Thanks so much for doing this c:

  2. These are the cutest bunch of pouch designs!!!! I’m so happy you made these Choly! I’ve been making pouches recently and these are good side projects to make! ❤❤❤
    Thanks so much for sharing this with 😄❤everyone!!!

  3. Could you make a plush with this? Maybe that could be your next pattern? I would love a full size Sylveon!!!!

  4. What color minky did you use for each of these? Or what colors would you use (it looks like minky but I may be wrong)? Would it be in anyway possible for you to make a list for reference? I’m sure it’d be super helpful but I understand if not.

    These are so cute! I definitely want to make all of them 🙂

  5. I used fusible web on face and ears also. It made the pouch so bulky and was tough to assemble. T_T
    But I LOVE how it turned out. The zipper tip was so helpful, too. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you very much for these very cute inspiration and patterns! I just can’t wait to try them!
    Many greeting from Germany


  7. I love it, Pokemon are so cute, I like sylveon and Eevee and Vaporeon. Thanks!

    Terra💖 From in Saskatoon

  8. This pattern was really easy to follow. I modified it just a little so I could make it into a gengar.
    Thanks for the really detailed instructions and the easy to use pattern!

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