Free Pattern Friday! Totoro Plush

Hey everyone! It only seemed like a matter of time before this guy made another appearance, right? It’s probably the most highly requested plush character I get, and I’ve done so many other Ghibli projects it seems only fitting.
So this pattern is for a classic roly-poly shaped plush done up just like Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. It looks great in either gray or blue so it looks like either the large Totoro or the smaller Chuu-Totoro. You can also give it a big friendly grin or leave it off and it looks equally cute.
The belly is done by sewing outward curves to inward curves, so that makes it a bit challenging – not to mention all the hand-sewing for the ears, arms, and tail. So I gave it a 4/10 stars in difficulty.
I hope you all enjoy!

36 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Totoro Plush”

  1. I am totally in love!! Now I can have all the Totoros I want!! I can’t wait to enlarge this pattern for pillows too!! Thank you so very very much! #AllTotoroAllTheTime

  2. I think your patterns are so great. I want to make this one soon. Thank you for sharing freely.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing ! I’ve searched this kind of pattern for so long … And it is very well illustrated and explained, thanks again !

  4. Amazing pattern! I would say I’m a mediocre seamstress, at best (like I can make a Halloween costume to last a day). This pattern was so clear and easy to follow. Made the Totoro for my daughter for Christmas (and a Catbus for my son). She LOVES it!!! I can’t wait to make the new Jiji pattern. Thank you! Absolutely wonderful pattern that even a newbie can make look good.

  5. Debra Townsend

    Hey I absolutely love your patterns but I’m new to embroidery machines, and got one as a gift and am wondering is there a way to get the embroidery patterns to fit a 4×4 machine?

    1. Hello! It would be possible to get the files to fit a 4×4 machine if they were shrunk down, but you would need to shrink down the rest of the pattern as well so it was proportional. So it would be for a much smaller plush overall. I’ve created the files for this, but I haven’t tested them personally, so I don’t have any pictures of what it looks like. You’re welcome to try them if you like though!

  6. Cassondria Schlosser

    I recently sewed up this pattern for a commission for a friend of mine. I increased upto 125% and overall super happy with how it turned out. I make many of my own plush sewing patterns but typically stay away from creating patterns for trademarked characters and this was such an easy pattern to follow. Attaching the limbs did cause my hands to hurt abit but ive never attached limbs that way before and its a technique I plan to incorporate into my own patterns now too.

  7. I just wanted to thank you so much,, it is thanks to people like you who share their work so selflessly that I was able to learn and have a career in arts and crafts!
    Thank you so much, I hope that you have a great year.

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