MCC Send-off Contest! Plus a new sewing pattern!

Hi everyone! As many of you might know, the Monthly Crafting Challenge is officially over, but I wanted to celebrate 4 amazing years with you guys with a contest! I’ve only done giveaways up until this point, so I thought a contest would be a nice change of pace and a fun way to bring back the feel of the challenge one last time 🙂
The basic rules are just like the ones for the original MCC! Simply send in your best projects made from my patterns and I’ll pick my favorites! But keep scrolling to get all the details.

So what’s up for grabs? There’s a huge grand prize pack as well as several runner-up prizes:
GRAND PRIZE gets the ultimate sewing pack:
• A collection of 9 jewel-toned Shannon minky fabric pieces; 18” x 60” each; perfect for making fantasy creatures and other critters!
• A 1½ yd. pack of Heat n’ Bond fusible web for applique
• A 1 lb. bag of poly pellets
• The entire 13 pattern collection of my legendary creatures series
• My newest pattern for a Chibi Steampunk plush! ↓
The pattern I use for my Steampunk Plushies has been one of my most requested patterns! Probably because it’s so dang versatile ♥ It can make tons of different animals, but this pattern will show you how to make a wolf, cat, fox, rabbit, or panda. And it comes with loads of steampunky accessories to dress them up! They’re a large 11″ tall size that’s perfect for cuddling. They’re a little more difficult to make than my previous patterns, but if you’ve been making my projects for a while now you might be ready to take them on!

SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, AND FIFTH place winners will all receive:
• The entire 13 pattern collection of my legendary creatures series
• My newest pattern for a Chibi Steampunk plush!

FIFTEEN honorable mention winners will all receive:
• My newest pattern for a Chibi Steampunk plush!

And EVERYONE ELSE will receive:
• A $6 off coupon for my newest pattern for a Chibi Steampunk plush. That’s 50% off, woo! (valid for 2 weeks after receipt)

• Entries should be photographs taken of projects you’ve made with any of my sewing patterns.
• Patterns used may include anything from my free collection, my paid collection, or from my books.
• You are free to use projects you’ve made in the past.
• You are free to submit as many images as you want, but you can only win once (for example, you can’t win both 2nd and 5th place)
• You may make alterations to and resize the original pattern, as long as it’s not so much that you can’t tell what it originated from.
• To submit your entry, fill out the entry form found at the bottom of this page!

• The giveaway will be active from Friday, February 3rd and entries will be closed Sunday, March 5th at 11:59pm EST.

• The winning submissions will be decided by me based on its quality, details, creativity, and overall cuteness factor!
• The winning submissions will be contacted via email about their win (so keep an eye on your email)
• All other entrants will also receive an email from me with a consolation prize coupon. I promise it’ll just be the 1 email – no spam!
• If you are a GRAND PRIZE winner, you will be expected to divulge your address (or PO Box) to me only so the prize can be shipped to you

• As a winner, I’ll announce your name, website (if applicable), and photo submission on this page, so every entrant knows who won.
• International entrants are more than welcome to enter
• To all international entrants: note that you may be required to pick up your package at your local post office or pay customs fees. These rules differ for every country so unfortunately I can’t be held responsible for any extra charges you might be asked to pay.
• The prize will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail — domestic takes 2-3 business days while international takes 6-10
• By entering in this contest, you agree to these rules 🙂
• No purchase is necessary for this contest.
• Void where prohibited

But most importantly,
GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I can’t wait to see what you all make!

All the winners have been named and contacted! Congrats to everyone who won, and thank you to all that entered!

30 thoughts on “MCC Send-off Contest! Plus a new sewing pattern!”

  1. I’m having trouble sending you the photos of the things I made. They are just on my phone. Do I need to have some kind of account to send them to you?

    1. Hm, if you have a social media account or DropBox where they’re posted that would be a good way to link them. But if you have trouble with that I could also accept an email 🙂

  2. Ich möchte auch gern an deinem Wettbewerb teilnehmen , du hast so tolle Sachen!Ich hoffe dir gefallen meine Werke. Liebe grüße sunny :-)  Gesendet von Yahoo Mail auf Android

  3. Once again your generosity astounds. Thank you for including us foreign fans – you’re awesome. I would just be happy with that new chibi pattern – he’s gorgeous!

  4. Quick question! Where it says we are “free to submit as many images as you want” does that mean of different plushes, or of the same plush?

  5. I hope it worked!! I just sent dropbox links!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I just started sewing stuffed toys and I love your patterns! good luck to everyone!!

  6. Carrie Neahring

    Hi!! I’m sorry to be sending an email rather than a link on your sight for the contest. I have to admit to being somewhat computer illiterate! 😜 that being said, I am hoping to enter your contest! I would absolutely love to win your adorable collection of Creatures!! If not, I’ll work on purchasing them as I can anyway. 😉 Here is the Bat I made my son Reese for Christmas. I know I already sent this one to you but I’m having a hard time finding time to sew at the moment. I Homeschool my four kids so between that and everything else, i haven’t gotten more done. I am hoping to get the Jackalope done in time for this. I got the pattern printed tonight!! 😁 Anyway, here is ‘Peanut Butter’ one more time!

    Thank you!

    Carrie Neahring.

    My email is:

  7. Just re reading this post, and realise you have a submission form… I sent my submission via e’mail automatically like I always have…. is that ok? Wampat and Sassyquatch, i really want them in the competition. Figured I better check before the deadline and I don’t want to send things twice if all is well with the e’mail sub. x

    1. An email is fine! 😀 The form hasn’t been working for everyone so I made sure you’re in the list with everyone else ♥ Thanks so much for submitting!

      1. Excellent , thank you. Just read your reply to the e’mail, so glad you like the little story 😀 x

  8. Hi !

    I’m joining your contest and I just sent you an email with my submission, hope it’s OK 🙂

    Thank you !

      1. That’s good I love the phoenix pattern and the different types of birds I can make with it. I think I’ll make a cardinal next.

  9. Would you let me know if my entry went through? It’s the neko atsume with a couple alterations. 😀 It’s my first time sharing a link through dropbox. Thanks!

  10. Just entered! Hopefully it went through <3 Submitted my griffon, pudgy dragon & embroidered dolphin!

  11. I think today is the last day to submit an entry to the contest and here is my submission. I decided to try and make a furry werewolf as they are known for their hairiness but he was far more work than i anticipated! 😀 still, one never learns if one doesn’t try. I think I’ll stick to fleece! He’s still cute i think but reminds more of a beaver than a werewolf. C’est la vie… As always, thanks for all the patterns this past year. I learned so much and even used an actual sewing machine at times! Take care and all the best.

  12. I’m glad I double checked the time of the deadline since I live in the western US. I just submitted a link to an imgur album that contains the Astro Bunny/Kitty, Shiba Cube, Tiny Dino, Love Koi, and Werewolf. I tried desperately to make a unicorn as well, but my machine was not having it, kept skipping stitches like mad.

    Thanks so much for putting on this awesome contest!

  13. I only see 11 legendary creature patterns on your etsy shop, what the other two? I know the contest is over, but I’m still curious.

    1. I’m not sure which two are missing, but in total it should be a Kraken, Laying Dragon, Kappa, Nessie, Phoenix, Griffin, Kitsune, Bigfoot, Unicorn, Werewolf, Peryton, Jackalope, and Sitting Dragon 🙂

      1. I didn’t realize the Kappa and Kitsune were included, but it makes sense. Thank you 🙂

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