Free Pattern Friday! Bat Plush


Since it’s still September it’s not quite Halloween season, but I couldn’t help myself! I felt the urge to make a little bat plush and wanted to share the pattern with you 😀
It’s a pretty basic shape with a big head, tiny body, and oversized wings and ears. It’s wonderfully floppy and expressive and very fun to hug. It features several face applique options including lashed eyes, heart shaped nose, fangs, and blush marks. You can mix and match to make your favorite. The wings also have extra top-stitching for some special detail.

It only has four pattern pieces, but placing everything just right is crucial. Not only to be sure the wings and ears are symmetrical, but to be certain the neck is sewn straight as well. If you have no problem taking it carefully during those parts you should be good! I gave it a 3/10 stars in difficulty with all that in mind. I hope you’ll try making one in time for Halloween!


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  1. Hi,

    I still haven’t received my free pattern from September for signing up for the blog. I’m was looking forward to the Unicorn. I do adore the bat. I just needed another excuse to buy more plush fabric. I found about your website from my Crafty blog when the download link didn’t work so I tried to track the pattern down directly. I’m so glad I did. I wanted that squid pencil pouch pretty bad. My daughter has online friends from her gaming communities, who will adore the squid pencil pouches. I’ve been looking for gifts that would fit into small mailing pouches ( and won’t get broken) to act as thank you gifts and these would be perfect. I wish I’d signed up in July as she would love the the Kitsune Fox (I’m planning to buy and make both of them for her for Christmas). She’s a series anime fan. I need to make all the Mario stuffies.

    Keeping up the good work, I love your designs

    Karen Kelbert

    BC, Canada


    1. Hello!
      Thanks so much for signing up for updates! So sorry you didn’t get your pattern yet :/ Sometimes WordPress fails to get me everyone’s email address. But I sent out the pattern earlier, so hopefully you got it.
      And thank you for all the kind words about my work! I’m so glad they work out nicely as gifts for your daughter and her friends ♥

      1. Wait, we were supposed to get a free pattern for subscribing? I’ve been subscribed for about a month and bought a pattern pack from your Etsy shop, but I never received a free pattern…

      2. The free pattern promotion was just from 2013-2016 🙂 So it ended last year. The new promotion now is a coupon, so hopefully you got it okay! Thanks for subscribing and for buying some of my patterns!

  2. Thank you so very much for this free little Batty pattern! The faces are precious. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but the Kawaii faces (on ANYTHING!!!) drive me over the cuteness edge! Little Bat does not disappoint!! So much cuteness!!! <3

  3. These bats are super cute ! I will make one (or more) but I have a question : I don’t have a sewing machine, can I do the top stitching by hand and how ?

    Thank you to bring us beautiful patterns !

    1. Thank you so much! For sewing the major parts of the bat I would probably use a back stitch 🙂 But for the top stitching along the wings, I would probably use a short running stitch so it looked nice on both sides ♥

      1. I see ! Thank you for your help, I’ve still so much to learn (and sewing isn’t easy at all !)

  4. Choly ~ question.
    I have been trying to look for fusible web here (Philippines), but nobody knows about it. They’re all pointing me to those iron on fabric prints, which I really think is not the fusible web.

    Is it also called ‘Pellon’? I’m not sure, I believe Pellon is some kind of a lining material and doesn’t stick on fabric when ironed. I’m confused. Would you have an idea about this?

    TIA! ♥

  5. Hello, I love your patterns–so cute! What is the type of fabric you use? Do you have a particular store you like that carries it?

  6. Oh wow, you are the very best! I actually wished this was for sale because this way I could leave you another review on your Etsy once i’m done with the bat because I know it will turn out AMAZING! !! Just finished the Mermicorn and Unicorn plushies from your pattern and everyone is raving about them. They are amazing. And I’ve seen the bat for sale a few days ago in your shop and since then I’m doodling my own pattern for making one but obviously, i’ve got no skills and gave up.. just to come here now and see you’re offering it for free. I’m just beyond happy and thankful for all your hard work and amazing patterns. I cannot thank you enough. You’re a rockstar!!

    1. ;_; thank you so much for all the kind words! They really mean a lot! I’m so glad my patterns have been able to contribute to your already amazing store! Your Mermicorn and Unicorn turned out so incredibly adorable ♥ I know your bats are going to be fantastic as well! I can’t wait to see what you share next 😀

  7. Love these! Anything Halloween as it is my birthday! Not sure if you got my message but I didn’t get my uni orn pattern when I signed up, must but a spook in system!

    1. Oh no :/ I’m sorry you didn’t get your pattern! I didn’t see your email on my subscriber list, but then sometimes WordPress does fail me like that. Thank you for checking up on it so I can get you your pattern, and thank you for your understanding! 🙂
      I’ve emailed it to the address you gave just now — I hope you enjoy it!

  8. It’s so beautiful and cool, all together 🙂 Will show my kids and hope they want it, otherwise I make it for me!

  9. This is super cute. It’s perfect for my 8 months baby boy. How could I get the free pattern? I can’t download it…
    Hope I would be able to make it before the Halloween!

  10. Thank you so much for this free pattern. As a thank you, I made a pattern of the cute face for embroiderymachines. I want to send it to you.Could you please send me an email so I can provide you this file so you can include this with your free pattern? Many thanks!

  11. How do you make the bat?
    I really want to start making toys but I don’t know how to.
    I was looking threw Pinterest and then I saw the bats and I knew I wanted to make one but I can’t figure out how.

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing so many great patterns! I loved the bat so much that I sewed 3 for my sister and 2 friends for christmas. They turned out very nice, I hope I can give them away 😉 I definitely have to buy more plush fabric, so that I can sew more of your animals 🙂

  13. Recently found your site. Absolutely love this pattern (bats are one of my favorite animals). Thank you so much for offering it for free. I cannot wait to try it, and if all goes well you can bet I will be back to purchase the Cerberus pattern (and maybe some of the others also 😉 ). They are all adorable.

  14. Hi i love your patterns but before i get any im just wondering if there is an option for people who dont have embroidery machines?

  15. I wish I could show you a picture! It turned out so cute, despite my mediocre sewing skills! ❤️ Thank you!

  16. From what comments I could see, no one has used two colors on the wings. Main color for the wing backs and an alternate color for the inside. Basically I’m using your pattern to make a Zubat for a friend. Also I’m not sure how panne velvet is gonna work either but here we go!!

  17. Thank you for doing these amazing patterns! I wanted to try one of your free ones before buying any. You have amazing detail, easy to follow instructions anyone one from advanced to just learning could follow and complete this pattern. Great job!!

    I did this bat in grey and maroon for a baby shower and everyone loved it. Now I just have to choose what plushy pattern to get next I am thinking one of your dragons

  18. Jennifer Wilson

    Hello, I really love this bat pattern. Is it possible to make it with regular quilting Batik cotton fabric ? I have some gorgeous water color looking fabric in mind that I think would be adorable

    1. It is possible 🙂 Though the head might look more elongated and less round since quilting cotton doesn’t stretch. However, you could definitely use it as fun accents for the ears and wings without affecting the shape! ♥

  19. Hi Choly,

    I have a question. What fabric did you use for this project? It appears to be faux fur but I am not entirely sure.

  20. Hello

    I was curious if there was any way to size down the embroidery files to fit a 4X4 hoop? My guess is the pattern was made for a 5×7 hoop!

    If it’s not possible then not to worry! Figured I’d ask just in case 🙂

    1. Hello! Unfortunately the original pattern was made before I released embroidery files, so it is in fact too big for a 4×4 hoop :/
      You could size it down with some embroidery software, but I do plan on releasing a smaller version in the future! So sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Not a worry at all love! Appreciate the recommendation about the software, I’ll look into it 🙂

        Keep up the amazing work <3 Friggen love your patterns you make, you're such an inspiration!

  21. Hey, I really love this pattern and it’s super cute, but I just wanted to ask for your permission so that I could maybe use it to sell stuffed animals.

    1. Thank you very much! You are certainly welcome to sell items you’ve sewn using this pattern 🙂 A credit back to me would be much appreciated ♥ Thank you for asking!

  22. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this pattern , it’s a the second time (in few weeks), I made plush with yur pattern . It’s really a pleasure to use it, good explanation and very nice pictures . And the result is so beautiful .
    I see a lot of funny plushies in your web site , my next is probably reversible dragon or unicorn , or the both .
    Tanks a lot

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