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Free Pattern Friday! Double-sided Cuddle Blanket



Cuddle blankets like this one are all the rage lately, so I thought I’d join in the fray with this one I made for the boyfriend 😀 Most of the tutorials I’ve seen out there are for baby-sized blankets – which are so adorable! – so hopefully I’m adding something new to the conversation with this adult-sized one that’s about 59” wide and 70” long. It’s perfect for using some of the amazing flannel prints that are coming out of Joann’s; like this wonderfully geeky electronics print shown here. Down here in Florida, the cuddle fleece + flannel print is a pretty perfect warmth combination. Not too hot, and not too cold!

I feel like I could make a dozen of these and not get sick of them 😀 Working with the huge pieces of fabric is tricky, but aside from that I really this this project could be great for beginners!


2 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Double-sided Cuddle Blanket

  1. Hey just curious, would it work if you just sewed the two layers together without doing steps 1-3?

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