Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 11


WEEK 11: Assembling the blocks
Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far then you finished all that crazy applique 😀 Definitely the most daunting part of the quilt. This week we’re going to assemble all of the pieces to create the quilt top, so gather up all the pieces you cut in Week 1 as well as the blocks you created in Weeks 2-10. Then assemble them as such!

1. Assemble the rows. Take blocks 1-3 and sew them together into a chain with (B) strips in between. Repeat with blocks 4-6 and 7-9. You should end up with three rows of three blocks each.

2. Join the rows. Take rows 1-3 and join them together with horizontal sashing strips (C) in between. This should leave you with one big square and all 9 of your blocks joined.

3. Add the vertical border strips. Next up is to take the (D) border strips and line them up along the right and left sides of your quilt top so far. Sew these together to complete one half of the border.

4. Add the horizontal border strips. The last step is to sew on the remaining, and longest, border strips (E). Sew these to the top and bottom edges of your quilt top so far, and this completes the entire quilt top! Congratulate yourself! 😀

That does it for this week, but next week we’re finishing up the quilt! It’s going to cover quilting and binding this bad boy. So I hope you’ll stop by next week to see it all completed!

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