Last Crafting Challenge Plush for 2015!

Hello all!
Looks like Thanksgiving is over here in the states and the officially holiday shopping season has begun! I am feeling the effects already, both trying to juggle making gifts for friends and family and filling orders at my Etsy shop. If you’re also shopping around for others, you might be interested to know I have a sale going on in my shop 😀 A bunch of ready-to-ship hats, hoodies, and plushies have been marked down 20%, and you can also use coupon code HOLIDAY2015 to get an additional $10 off orders of $100 or more! This sale lasts until 12/18 so you have a few weeks left to check out what you might want!

But onto the real reason why we’re all here! It’s the last month of the 2015 Monthly Crafting Challenge! As usual, it’s a bittersweet ending for me. This year’s collection of punny animal plushies were so fun to do – I wish I could have made a dozen more! But I’m also looking forward to next year’s collection 😀 Holiday craziness has made it hard, but I am working away to get January’s project up and ready to go.
So here it is! The last punny animal plush pattern:

A Yeti Four!
I’m sure most of you have seen little petit four cakes, the adorable little square confections that are decorated with frosting flowers and swirls and such. I’ve always thought those were so adorable and irresistible as a kid, especially when those Swiss Colony catalogs would start rolling in during the holidays. The fact that it rhymes with a monster known for living in the snowy mountains seemed just too perfect!
Sewing up the body of the yeti is pretty basic if you’re used to cubes. But all the extra details, especially the arms, might be a little tricky. I think beginners can tackle this one if you take it one step at a time and try not to rush yourself.

★ So how do you get this pattern? ★
If you’re NEW to this site, this pattern is my one time only FREE gift to you! Just sign up for email updates between now and December 31st (found in the submission box on the right sidebar above “My Books”). This will earn you the pattern ONE TIME for THIS MONTH ONLY.
Give it about 24 hours for your new pattern to arrive after signing up. But if it doesn’t, or you have other troubles, you can check out more info at the main Monthly Crafting Challenge page, the FAQ, or by emailing me.

★ What if you’re not new to this site? ★
If you’ve already signed up for email updates, that’s where the CHALLENGE comes in. You can also earn this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog, my books, or my Etsy then email me or message the finished project to my Facebook.

★ Also, bonus! ★
For today only I’m offering both this pattern and the one from November when you sign up or send in project photos. After today though, the prize is just this guy 🙂 You’ll have to purchase the older pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late.
So don’t forget to check back next month for a brand new collection of plush patterns! And keep sending me photos of your amazing creations!

6 thoughts on “Last Crafting Challenge Plush for 2015!”

  1. Hello! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had all the yummy food! I was able to make a wallet from one of your beginners book this past summer and finally took pictures of it. Christine Pace



    Hello I wanted to show you my pumpkin from October and see what you think and see if I can get a yeti to add to my collection and thanks again for the patterns.


    1. Not a problem! I can’t wait to see how your Platypumpkin turned out 😀
      I’m not sure if you tried to attach it just now, since nothing’s showing. So if you could try it again that would be great 🙂

  3. Studio Ghibli Lover!

    Wow this is cute! I can’t wait to get the pattern! I have almost finished my ‘Chocolate Gateau’ cat! It is really squishy, all I have to do is make the cat and rose parts and sew them together! very excited for a new pattern! P.S. I got my computer updated from school which wiped everything, I just had to resign into your website and stuff!
    Regards (and merry christmas!)
    Studio Ghibli Lover!

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