A new book! Wonderful One-Block Quilting!

Wonderful One-Block Quilting: Quick and Easy Techniques for Small Projects to Full-Size Quilts
Wonderful One-Block Quilting: Quick and Easy Techniques for Small Projects to Full-Size Quilts

Hi everyone! Some exciting news 😀 I have a new book that’s released recently! It’s called Wonderful One-Block Quilting and is kind of a spiritual companion to Quilting Simplified. It’s a great book for beginners to quilting, but this one focuses on patchwork projects that can then be transformed into quilts. Just like Quilting Simplified, it covers all the uncommon and underrated techniques that I’ve gathered to make quilting simple for beginners, but gives you 8 projects to test your skills with. Each project prominently features a certain quilt block, which can then be repeated later in the book to make full quilts. There are fabric requirements and cutting instructions for all the major quilt sizes: baby, twin, full, queen, and king. So whether you want to make patchwork gifts or a quilt for yourself you’re in good hands.

Again like Quilting Simplified, the projects follow a modern aesthetic, not only for the fresh and simplistic look, but also because I think it’s a great attitude for beginners. Modern quilting focuses a lot on experimentation and improvisation, which is so welcoming for beginners I think. What I was most proud of while writing this book is that all of the projects work overtime for you. The design for a simple purse can be transformed into a full bed quilt in every size, so it’s like getting 6 patterns for the price of one. And other projects like the Nesting Fabric Boxes show you how to make a set of 3 boxes of different sizes, so there’s even more value there. And of course like many of my other books, like the ones in the Sew Me! series, the sample projects let you learn through experimentation. Whenever possible, I try to show the whys and hows of every technique so if things go wrong you’re more likely to understand how to fix it 😀 And in the future maybe work out your own patterns!

So if you think this book sounds like something for you, I hope you’ll give it a look! There’s a more detailed page that describes more about the projects, or you can check out the purchase details!

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