Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 6


WEEK 6: Mermaid applique block #3
We’ve got another mermaid today! This one was fun to draw too – the pose is really dynamic and I like how the cameo frame has radial symmetry 😀 It’s put together just like the first week: print the pattern, trace the outlines, fuse to the fabric, cut the shapes, fuse to the background fabric, and finally sew around the edges.

When you’re done, it should look something like this! Once again, give it a good press the remeasure the block to make sure it’s still 15½” square.
Next week we’re back to a simpler shape – another sea creature 😀

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 6

  1. Is there a certain tool or scissor that you use for accuracy on such small, detailed corners and curves? Thank you so much for posting this wonderful tutorial!

    1. In my case, I make sure to use my sharpest scissors and to go slowly. Using a smaller pair of scissors helps a lot too! Hopefully that helps! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the tutorial ♥

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