New Monthly Crafting Challenge Pattern for September!

Hi everybody!

August has been super busy for me! 😀 I’ve been gearing up for my favorite holiday, Halloween ^w^ so you should see some updates in my Etsy store now and in the coming weeks. I’m also working on some projects for myself, friends, and family, so I’ll be sharing those with you in the future too! Also super exciting – I’ve surpassed 2,000 subscribers on this blog! So thank you to all my wonderful fans out there ;0; I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! Stay tuned next week — I’ll be holding a giveaway to celebrate this new milestone! ♥

But I’m sure your minds are all on more important matters, that’s right, plushies ¬w¬ For the month of September here’s the new pattern you can earn!
A Panda Loaf!

This little project is simple but sweet 😀 The pun is based off the fact that the ‘pan’ in panda means bread in lots of different languages like Spanish, Japanese, and more loosely Italian and French. I was inspired a lot by the Sanrio character, Pankunchi :3 A little panda that hates bamboo but loves eating bread. So together we have a big plush breadloaf with panda features!
Assembling the loaf is pretty simple ^-^ There are some curved seams to worry about in sewing up the front and back, but overall it’s a basic shape 😀

★ So how do you get this pattern? ★
If you’re NEW to this site, start off by signing up for email updates between now and September 30th (found in the submission box on the right sidebar above “My Books”). This will earn you the pattern ONE TIME for THIS MONTH ONLY.
If you have trouble signing up, you can check out more info at the main Monthly Crafting Challenge page, the FAQ, or by emailing me.

★ What if you’re not new to this site? ★
If you’re already signed up for email updates, that’s where the CHALLENGE comes in. You can also earn this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog, my books, or my Etsy then email me or message the finished project to my Facebook.

★ Also, bonus! ★
For today only I’m offering both this pattern and the one from August when you sign up for the first time or send in project photos. After today though, the prize is just this guy 🙂 You’ll have to purchase the older pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late.
So don’t forget to check back next month for a new punny food animal plush pattern, and keep sending me photos of your amazing creations!

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