New Crafting Challenge Pattern for June!

Hello everyone!

June is upon us! I can hardly believe it 😀 Prepping for Metrocon really made the time fly, but I’m super excited for when it arrives. Just so you all know, Metrocon is in Tampa, FL from June 11th-14th (Thursday-Sunday) this year. I’ll be in the Vendors’ Area, booth E11. It’s near the middle, but just a smidge back and to the left. There I’ll have loads of plushies, aviator caps, fleece hats, and hoodies, including some new designs I’ve been working on for the past few months. I hope if you’re in the area you’ll be able to stop by!

Anyhow, on to more pressing, plush-related business! For the month of June there’s a new punny food animal sewing pattern to earn:
A Beary Ice Cream Cone!

This of course is kind of a classic pun: beary = berry. I thought a cute little bear face on top of a waffle cone would be too cute to pass up so I combined the two. It’s that much more fun when you consider all the color combinations available – raspbeary, strawbeary, bluebeary, blackbeary, etc. 😀
Overall this one is pretty simple and relatively quick too. The troublesome parts are the ears and the scallop edging, which requires a bit of maneuvering in case you’re not used to it.

★ So how do you get this pattern? ★
If you’re NEW to this site, start off by signing up for email updates between now and June 30th (found in the submission box on the right sidebar above “My Books”). This will earn you the pattern for THIS MONTH ONLY.

If you have trouble signing up, you can check out more info at the main Monthly Crafting Challenge page, the FAQ, or by emailing me.

★ What if you’re NOT new to this site? ★
If you’re already signed up for email updates, that’s where the CHALLENGE comes in. You can also earn this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog, my books, or my Etsy then email me or message the finished project to my Facebook.

★ Also, bonus! ★
For today only I’m offering both this pattern and the one from May when you sign up or send in project photos. After today though, the prize is just this guy 🙂 You’ll have to purchase the older pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late.
So don’t forget to check back next month for a new punny food animal plush pattern, and keep sending me photos of your amazing creations!

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