My newest book! Quilting Simplified debuts!

Quilting Simplified: Fresh designs and easy instructions for beginners
Quilting Simplified: Fresh designs and easy instructions for beginners

Though my posts have been a little less frequent as of late, I do have something to show for it! Officially up for sale is my latest book, Quilting Simplified. It’s a great beginners book for those that want to give modern quilting a try but have been too intimidated to do so.

I’ve been quilting for nearly as long as I’ve been sewing, because it’s a great way to use up fabric scraps. When I decided to make my first quilt, I knew there was no way it was going to be as good as the experts, so I always kept my ears and eyes open for techniques that were beginner-friendly and foolproof. I’ve been using them for years to help me get the quilts I wanted without a lot of the headache. So in this book you’ll find all the skills you need to get started quilting, from the tried-and-true basics to underrated tips that shave hours off your sewing time.

Inside are 8 quilt projects with a modern, fresh feel. This type of style I think is great for beginners because mistakes can look purposeful and improvising is encouraged. If you’re more experienced and know exactly what you want, each project also comes with the fabric requirements to make the quilts in every other blanket size, from baby to king.

So if you’re still curious, you can check out more info about the book or see purchase details if you think it might be something for you 😀

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