The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 11

Today we’re finally putting together all of the sections ^-^ Then we move onto quilting the layers!
If you need to catch up:
Week 1 we covered materials
Week 2 we did section C1 – the top left corner of the quilt
Week 3 we did section A1 – the top part of the quilt above the pop tart
Week 4 we did section C3 – the bottom left corner of the quilt
Week 5 we did section A3 – the top right corner of the quilt
Week 6 we introduced Nyan Cat’s feets – section B3 – the bottom stretch of the quilt
Week 7 we started on the pop tart – section A2 – the upper stretch of the pop tart
Week 8 we did a large chunk of the pop tart – section B1 – the square to the left of Nyan Cat’s head
Week 9 we did section B2 – Nyan Cat’s head
and Week 10 we completed the last section – C2 – the rainbow trail 😀

With all of your quilt sections complete we can finally start to put them all together. If you’ll remember this little diagram from all the previous weeks, the assembly goes something like this:

So with your finished quilt sections, you’ll need to assemble them as such:
1. Sew A1-2 in a vertical column
2. Sew A3 to the right of A1-2
3. Sew B1-2 in a horizontal row
4. Sew B3 to the bottom of B1-2
5. Sew C1-3 in a vertical column
6. Sew group A to the top of group B
7. Sew group C to the left of groups A-B

That part is simple enough, but when you finish you should have a complete quilt top!
The next step of course is to prepare your backing and make a quilt sandwich from the layers. So you’ll want to gather up some backing fabric and batting that’s at least 50” x 70” or so:

I personally wanted to keep the rainbow theme going and use up a lot of my fabric stash, so I made a pieced quilt backing that looks something like this:

This is where most quilt projects would say to quilt and bind as desired 😀 So if you think you have a handle on that then I say go for it!
If not, I’ll still continue to give some pointers. For instance, if you would also like to make a pieced quilt back, this free Craftsy class does a great job of explaining it.

As far as basting the quilt layers is concerned, I personally basted my quilt with safety pins on my sewing table, since the finished size of the quilt was small enough to fit on my work table. And lesson 14 of this video class covers the idea pretty well if you need some pointers.

Next week we handle all the last steps! Quilting and binding the quilt. It’s the absolute last week and then you’ll have a completed Nyan Cat quilt!

3 thoughts on “The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 11”

      1. It’s amazing! I just love that part of quilt-making, when the all the pieces finally come together into a quilt top. And yours is so well done it gave me shivers to finally see the image come together! I hope you have fun quilting and binding it! 😀

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