New Freebie and Updates for November!

Happy Halloween everyone! As exciting as Halloween is, it’s a shame that it also means October is over, so the month of Halloween patterns has also ended.

On the bright side, with over 50 free tutorials under my belt, I’ve made a lot of headway on my scrap collection! This whole adventure started with me tackling my heavyweight fabrics, which are practically gone now! All I have left are a few large pieces of vinyl, so I’ll have to pick some interesting things to use those for 🙂 My quilting cottons have gone down by at least half, and I’ve taken a decent bite out of my stash of satins, knits, and lining fabrics.

With that said, life has caught up with me a bit and I have some big assignments to tackle in the next few months, so I’ll need to take a break from posting new patterns weekly and probably go down to doing it monthly for a little while. But not to worry! I’ll be back a little ways into the new year to clean out the rest of my stash 😀 I’m hoping I can reach a goal of 100 projects before I run out of scrap fabric completely (that probably sounds crazy, but I’m sure you other sewers out there know that that’s a perfectly reasonable goal with the way fabric stashes are!). Then I can start featuring other things here, while still doing free patterns every once in a while ^-^

It doesn’t look like I reached any of my milestone goals during October, but we’re still exceptionally close to my goal for email followers!
DeviantArt pageviews: 83,617/100,000 = 84%
DeviantArt watchers: 3,342/4,000 = 84%
Facebook likes: 1,105/2,500 = 44%
Tumblr followers: 664/1,000 = 66%
Email subscribers: 955/1,000 = 96% (almost there!)

And finally the last update I have is the next round of my Monthly Crafting Challenge!
The freebie for November is the pattern for this Octopus Nigiri plush!

This is probably my second-favorite of all the plushes I’ve released this year (I admit it, I saved my favorite pattern for last x3). And it’s the last nigiri-style plush in the series. It’s much like the Tamago, Uni, Tuna, and Shrimp nigiri, except of course the topping is a little slice of octopus tentacle, complete with suckers! I just love the way the suckers turned out on this guy, not to mention his adorable face, and that’s why I saved him for next-to-last.

If you haven’t signed up for emails yet, you can get this little guy along with the freebie for October today only, and after today the prize is just this guy 🙂 Though you can also purchase the pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late. Just sign up with the entry box on the side of the screen and I’ll send you the latest sushi!

If you’ve already signed up for emails, that’s where the challenge comes in. You can get this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog or my books then message the finished project to my Facebook where I have a really awesome collection going of your creations! Keep it up every month and you’ll get a new free pattern, so don’t forget to check back during December to catch the last in the sushi plush collection! Just one more to go; I hope you all love it! 😀

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