The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 8


Today we’re getting even more of the pop tart done 😀 We’re doing section B1, the area just to the left of Nyan Cat’s head.
035 - Floppy Disk Coasters

If you need to catch up:
Week 1 we covered materials
Week 2 we did section C1 – the top left corner of the quilt
Week 3 we did section A1 – the top part of the quilt above the pop tart
Week 4 we did section C3 – the bottom left corner of the quilt
Week 5 we did section A3 – the top right corner of the quilt
Week 6 we introduced Nyan Cat’s feets – section B3 – the bottom stretch of the quilt
and Week 7 we started on the pop tart – section A2 – the upper stretch of the pop tart

This week the section’s a bit bigger so we’ll need a lot more strips:

For section B1 you’ll need strips of:
• 2” wide light pink cotton
• 3.5” wide light pink cotton
• 5” wide light pink cotton
• 6.5” wide light pink cotton
• 2” wide black cotton
• 2” wide cream/tan cotton
• 3.5” wide cream/tan cotton
• 2” wide hot pink/magenta cotton
• 2” wide gray cotton
We still have a lot of the same colors as before, but we’re introducing a lot more light pink. This is where the majority of your light pink will go, so don’t cut so many strips that you end up with a lot of leftovers. The same thing goes for the tan cotton. You can still go wild with the black and gray however :B

You can cut the squares you need as you go to there’s no mixing things up, or you can cut all the squares ahead of time. This section is pretty big compared so the first ones we’ve done, so it’s done in 3 main parts.

You’ll need:
• Light pink: 8” x 6.5” (1), 6.5” x 5” (3), 5” x 8” (1), 11” x 3.5” (1), 3.5” x 3.5” (2), 3.5” x 2” (3), 6.5” x 2” (1), 2” x 2” (8)
• Hot pink/magenta: 2” x 2” (7)
• Cream/tan: 3.5” x 3.5” (1), 14” x 2” (1), 17” x 2” (1), 2” x 2” (1)
• Black: 17” x 2” (1), 20” x 2” (1), 2” x 2” (1)
• Gray: 2” x 2” (1)

Again, we’re sewing the squares together in numerical order to create groups, then sew the groups together in alphabetical order. Remember that, like most quilt patterns, we’re using a 1/4” seam allowance. You can press the seam allowances however you like, but I prefer to press them open.

For Part 1:
1. Sew A1-3 in a horizontal row
2. Sew A4 to the bottom of A1-3
3. Sew B1-3 in a vertical column
4. Sew C1-2 in a vertical column
5. Sew C3 to the left of C1-2
6. Sew C4 to the bottom of C1-3
7. Sew D1-3 in a horizontal row
8. Sew D4 to the top of D1-3
9. Sew groups A-D in a horizontal row

For Part 2:
1. Sew E1-2 in a horizontal row
2. Sew E3 to the bottom of E1-2
3. Sew E4 to the right of E1-3
4. Sew F1-2 in a vertical column
5. Sew F3 to the right of F1-2
6. Sew G1-2 in a horizontal row
7. Sew G3 to the bottom of G1-2
8. Sew H1-2 in a vertical column
9. Sew H3 to the left of H1-2
10. Sew H4 to the right of H1-3
11. Sew H5 to the bottom of H1-4
12. Sew groups E-F in a horizontal row
13. Sew groups G-H in a horizontal row
14. Sew groups E-F, G-H, and I in a vertical column

For Part 3:
1. Sew J1-3 in a vertical column
2. Sew J4 to the left of J1-3
3. To connect the parts, sew groups A-D to the top of groups E-I
4. Sew group J to the left of groups A-I

And your finished section should look like this! The finished block should be 20” x 20” square.
Note that the placement of my sprinkles is just a tad different. It looks like I accidentally flipped “Part 1” before I attached it to the other parts xD But no worries! Now you know if you make a similar mistake your quilt will also turn out just fine, since it’s all just sprinkles anyway! 😀

Here’s hoping you made it through that one okay, because next week is the hardest section yet, Nyan Cat’s face! There are even more parts to get through, but it means we’re getting closer to the end!
So next week we tackle the face 😀 Section B2 – join me if you have the guts! >3

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    1. Oh wow you’re right! That problem is all with my own quilt, not yours at all 😀 I must have rotated “Part 1” 180 degrees before I attached it to the other parts. Which in retrospect seems like an easy mistake to make since it’s all sprinkles anyway! xD Yours is totally correct — but even if you had mixed up the parts I guess we see that it doesn’t make much difference! 😀

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