The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 7

Today we’re introducing even more colors and getting started on the pop tart! That is section A2, the long section of pop tart above Nyan Cat’s head ^-^
035 - Floppy Disk Coasters

If you need to catch up:
Week 1 we covered materials
Week 2 we did section C1 – the top left corner of the quilt
Week 3 we did section A1 – the top part of the quilt above the pop tart
Week 4 we did section C3 – the bottom left corner of the quilt
Week 5 we did section A3 – the top right corner of the quilt
and Week 6 we introduced Nyan Cat’s feets – section B3 – the bottom stretch of the quilt

For this week, here are the strips you’ll need to cut:

For section A2 you’ll need strips of:
• 2” wide dark blue cotton
• 2” wide hot pink/magenta cotton
• 2” wide cream/tan cotton
• 3.5” wide cream/tan cotton
• 2” wide black cotton
• 2” wide light pink cotton
• 5” wide light pink cotton
As you can see, we’ve introduced more colors since last week, including light pink, tan, and magenta and we don’t need any white at all this time. Go ahead and cut long strips of those new colors since we’ll be using them a lot in the weeks to come. Don’t concern yourself so much with cutting a lot of dark blue, though, as we’re nearing the end of that color in our quilt.

You can cut the squares you need as you go to there’s no mixing things up, or you can cut all the squares ahead of time. This section is a bit bigger than the others so far, so prepare yourself and take it one step at a time 🙂
You’ll need:
• Dark blue: 3.5” x 2” (2), 2” x 2” (2)
• Black: 29” x 2” (1), 5” x 2” (2), 2” x 2” (2)
• Cream/tan: 29” x 2” (1), 3.5” x 3.5” (2), 2” x 2” (4)
• Light pink: 3.5” x 2” (2), 8” x 5” (2), 5” x 5” (1), 2” x 2” (6)
• Hot pink: 2” x 2” (2)

When your strips/squares are ready, follow this guide to sew them together:

Again, we’re sewing the squares together in numerical order to create groups, then sew the groups together in alphabetical order. Remember that, like most quilt patterns, we’re using a 1/4” seam allowance. You can press the seam allowances however you like, but I prefer to press them open.

Here’s your sewing order:
1. Sew A1 to A2 in a vertical column
2. Sew A3 to the left of A1-2
3. Sew B1 to B2 in a horizontal row
4. Sew group B to the bottom of group A
5. Sew group C to the left of groups A-B
6. Sew group D to the right of groups A-C
7. Sew E1-3 in a vertical column
8. Sew group F to the right of groups A-E
9. Sew G1-3 in a vertical column
10. Sew group H to the right of groups A-G
11. Sew I1-2 in a vertical column
12. Sew I3 to the right of I1-2
13. Sew J1-2 in a horizontal row
14. Sew group J to the bottom of group I
15. Add group K to the right of groups A-J
16. Sew L1-5 in a horizontal row
17. Sew M1-3 in a horizontal row
18. Sew groups A-K, L, and M in a vertical column

And your finished section should look like this!

I’d say that was a bit easier than last week, but there were more colors to keep track of. Hopefully that didn’t throw you off! The finished section should be 35” long and 8” tall.
Stay tuned for next week’s section where we continue the pop tart, section B1! 😀

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