The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 5

Today we finish the last section of stars! That’s section A3, the upper right corner of the quilt.

035 - Floppy Disk Coasters

If you need to catch up:
Week 1 we covered materials
Week 2 we did section C1 – the top left corner of the quilt
Week 3 we did section A1 – the top part of the quilt above the pop tart
and Week 4 we did section C3 – the bottom left corner of the quilt

For this week, here are the strips you’ll need to cut:


For section A3 you’ll need strips of:
• 5” wide dark blue cotton
• 3.5” wide dark blue cotton
• 2” wide white cotton
• 2” wide dark blue cotton
Since we’re nearing the end of all the star fields, you won’t need as much of the dark blue and white, so if you just have little scraps left, make use of those.

You can cut the squares you need as you go to there’s no mixing things up, or you can cut all the squares ahead of time.
You’ll need:
• Dark blue: 3.5” x 6.5” (4), 3.5” x 3.5” (4), 2” x 2” (4), 5” x 2” (2) 5″ x 8″ (1)
• White: 2” x 2” (8)

When your strips/squares are ready, follow this guide to sew them together:

Again, we’re sewing the squares together in numerical order to create groups, then sew the groups together in alphabetical order. Remember that, like most quilt patterns, we’re using a 1/4” seam allowance. You can press the seam allowances however you like, but I prefer to press them open.

Here’s your sewing order:
1. Sew A1 to A2 in a horizontal row
2. Sew A3 to the top of A1-2
3. Sew A4 to the bottom of A1-3
4. Sew B1-3 in a horizontal row
5. Sew B4 to the bottom of B1-3
6. Sew C1-3 in a horizontal row
7. Sew group C to the bottom of group B
8. Sew D1-2 in a horizontal row
9. Sew D3 to the top of D1-2
10. Sew D4 to the bottom of D1-3
11. Sew E1-2 in a vertical column
12. Sew E3 to the left of E1-2
13. Sew E4 to the right of E1-3
14. Sew F1-2 in a vertical column
15. Sew F3 to the left of F1-2
16. Sew F4 to the right of F1-3
17. Sew groups A-D in a horizontal row
18. Sew group E to the bottom of groups A-D
19. Sew group F to the top of groups A-E

And your finished section should look like this! The final block should measure 14″ wide by 14″ tall

And that completes all the stars! 😀 Pat yourself on the back! A good deal of your quilt is now complete!
Stay tuned for next week’s section where we finally start on Nyan Cat himself! We’ll be doing section B3, which is his little feet! ^0^

9 thoughts on “The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 5”

  1. Yay! I picked up all my fabric this weekend except for my backing! My dark blue is a sort of galaxy print! I’m playing catch-up! This is SO much fun!! (even though I haven’t technically started cutting or sewing yet!)

    1. Oh nice! I wish I could have used a print like that for mine! >w< I was just working with scraps so I was more limited :3 I'll be here if you run into any questions — but seeing your awesome blog it looks like you know what's up ♥

  2. I just realized I haven’t said anything to you at all and I’m making (several) of your projects. X3 I just got all caught up from last week’s quilt piece. This is the first quilt I’ve ever made but no time like the present to learn.

    1. Oh wow! I was afraid the quilt might be too hard for first-timers, but more power to you for taking a shot at it! 😀 Please do comment if you run into any questions, and I’ll try to dissect any parts that don’t explain enough ^-^

  3. I need help. The subcuts don’t match up with the cuts from the WOF for me so I had to cut extra white 2×2 and I had to cut 3.5×3.5 which weren’t listed. So I sewed everything together and then… the top and bottom sections (E and F) are too short. My middle is 15″ wide and the top and bottoms are 14. What did I do wrong??

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry about the problem! I found out the subcut list was mixed up from another week, so the measurements you found on the chart were correct — except for the B4 piece which should be 5″ x 8″
      I think that should clear up the issue that you have. I hope I didn’t cause you to waste too much fabric :< Your top and bottom (E & F) sections should be 14.5" just like you said 🙂
      I'm going to go back and triple check my measurements for the rest of the quilt 🙁 I'm so sorry about that error!

    1. Oh perfect! That’s exactly what you should get 😀 I’m glad it worked out! I triple-checked all the other measurements again so there shouldn’t be any more typos like that from here on out XD;;;

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