New Freebie and Updates for October!

October is nearly here! It still felt like September went by pretty quickly, but at least this time around I can say I accomplished some awesome things this month 😀

I am super excited to announce that for the month of October, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, I’ll be doing a special Halloween-themed tutorial every Friday! I’ll be posting them in order from most time-intensive to least time-intensive, so you’ll have plenty of time to make them for Halloween! So stay tuned this Friday for the first in the series *w*

During September I also held my second giveaway ^0^ It went even better than the first one, so I can’t wait to hold another one again!
Once I reach my next milestone, I’ll get the next one going! It looks like that’ll be when I get to 1,000 followers on WordPress >w< so close!
DeviantArt pageviews: 81,260/100,000 = 81%
DeviantArt watchers: 3,253/4,000 = 81%
Facebook likes: 1,067/2,500 = 43%
Tumblr followers: 639/1,000 = 64%
Wordpress followers: 900/1,000 = 90% (almost there!)

And finally the last update I have is the next round of my Monthly Crafting Challenge!
The freebie for October is the pattern for this Scallop Gunkan plush!


This one is the last gunkan style plush in the sushi series for this year 😀 It’s just like the Ikura Gunkan and Urchin Gunkan, but the filling this time is a heap of sliced scallops ^-^ Just like before, those scallops are piled on top of a bed of rice and all wrapped up in a sheet of nori seaweed.

If you haven’t signed up for emails yet, you can get this little guy along with the freebie for September today only, and after today the prize is just this guy 🙂 Though you can also purchase the pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late. But for this month’s prize, just sign up with the entry box on the side of the screen and I’ll send you the latest sushi!

If you’ve already signed up for emails, that’s where the challenge comes in. You can get this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog or my books then message the finished project to my Facebook where I have a really awesome collection going of your creations! Keep it up every month and you’ll get a new free pattern, so don’t forget to check back during November to see what I’ve cooked up :3

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  1. Hi Choly!

    Just a quick email to ask about this months sushi plush- I didnt recieve an email at the start of this month with the pattern so I was wondering if you could send it to me? 🙂

    Many thanks, Sadie

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