Freebie Friday: The Monokuro Boo Bag

This bag was inspired by one of my favorite characters from the Japanese company San-X. They’re much like Sanrio in that they design adorable characters and market them with plush toys, stationery, accessories, you name it. They have a pair of piggies there called Monokuro Boo, which loosely translates to “monochrome pig,” except, you know, it’s said in that cutesy Japanese style ^w^
They’re called that because the two little pair of piggies are usually colored black and white. Their slogan is “Simple is best!” and their design follows that to a T; with simple hearts, clovers and other shapes that aren’t too gaudy. It’s minimalism in its cutest form, and though I’ve taken the piggies out of their black and white color scheme, I thought the fabrics I used to make this bag nicely reflected their simple aesthetic.
This teal fabric was leftover from a skirt I made waay back when, and with some scraps of brown faux suede, green twill, and khaki linen, the scheme made me think of fall farmer’s market shopping, or some other similar relaxing pastime. So I thought a bag that you could use to haul around your fresh shopping goodies seemed perfect <3


2 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: The Monokuro Boo Bag”

  1. I just found your blog today. I LOOOOVE this bag and I’m going to try it out soon. How did you cut out Monokuro? My bathroom was completely decorated in it before our move.

    1. Thanks so much! The Monokuro shapes are just cut from fabric with scissors basically, but I just traced the shapes onto fusible web first and ironed it onto the fabric so I had a perfect outline to cut from. I wish I could have seen your bathroom! It sounds amazing ♥

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