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Freebie Friday: The Seafarer’s Pouch


By some luck it looks as though I have a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day present for you all! I’m not usually a big St. Patrick’s Day partier, but I love Irish and Celtic culture (I definitely have some Irish blood in me), and this project idea happened at a good time! I found a nice match between some seafoam-colored faux suede that I had from a previous bag that I made, some teal-colored linen from a place mat I made some time ago, and lastly some gray suede lacing that I had leftover from another bag project. The whole color combination isn’t exactly emerald-isle, but it definitely reminded me of the ocean, and the greenish tint to it gave a vague feeling of Irish fishermen, which I loved.
I’m a big fan of Celtic knots and I’m trying my darndest to get better at drawing them. That’s why I have a rather simple one going for the motif here, but I’m going to keep pushing myself! In the meantime, the simple nature of the knot makes it much easier to appliqué 😀 Aside from that, though, it’s just a simple drawstring bag. I just love the whole look put together though ^-^


The bag itself is super simple, but the appliqué takes it up a notch since we’re working with a Celtic knotwork pattern
Makes one 9” x 6” x 6” bag

Materials & Tools:
• ⅓ yd. of light to medium weight fabric for main bag (light twill or linen would be good, I used a light faux suede)
• ⅓ yd. of lightweight fabric for lining (I used quilting cotton)
• 8” x 12” scrap of contrasting fabric for appliqué (I used linen)
• 8” x 12” scrap of fusible web for appliqué
• 8” x 12” piece of tear-away stabilizer for appliqué
• 1 yd. of lacing (I used suede lacing)
• Twelve ½” grommets
• Sewing needle
• Matching sewing thread

Before you begin:
1. Print out the project pattern here
2. Assemble the pattern pieces, see the page here for more help
3. Lay out the pattern pieces on your fabric and cut them out
4. Mark the fabric pieces with the markings from the pattern

1. First we’re appliquéing the Celtic knotwork design. Apply the fusible web to your appliqué piece (I wouldn’t skip it here, since the knotwork is so intricately shaped) and iron it to your bag following the pattern guideline. You can sew it on with a zigzag stitch if you prefer, but to get the true knotwork pattern I used a satin stitch. Layer your stabilizer beneath your fabric to keep it from puckering and sew along the edges of your appliqué with a medium-width and very short zigzag stitch. Check out the appliqué guideline from the pattern to see where your lines should go to attain the right look for the knotwork. Other easier options might be to use fabric paint and paint your outlines, or just skip the outlines altogether and fuse or glue your appliqué in place 🙂

2. The hard part’s over now! The rest is gravy 😀 Start by sewing your bag sides piece in half widthwise with right sides together. Repeat this for the lining, but leave an opening in the middle as the pattern guidelines indicate for turning the bag right side out later.

3. Now we’re attaching the bag sides to its bottom. Begin pinning the bottom edge of your bag sides around the circle that is the bag bottom piece. You should be able to match up the notches on one side and the back seam should match up with the other notch. Pin these edges in place, though you might want to clip into the seam allowance of the bag sides to get it to curve smoothly around the circle. Sew all the way around the perimeter. Repeat this with your lining pieces as well.

4. With both your lining and outer bag complete, you’re almost there! Nestle your main bag into your lining with right sides facing and line up the top edge. Sew all the way around the perimeter of the bag. Turn it right side out from the hole in the lining and press the top seam really nicely so it looks flat and crisp. Also turn under the seam allowances from the opening in the lining and sew it closed with a hand sewn ladder stitch or by machine.

5. Lastly there are the grommets. Install them following the pattern guidelines along the top of the bag, going through both layers of lining and outer fabric. Then all that’s left is to thread your lace through the holes and cinch up your bag. Now enjoy your hard work because YOU’RE DONE!

I thought appliquéing that knotwork was a ton of fun, even if it did take while ^-^
So what do you think? Are you a fan of Celtic designs? Do you have any favorites? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!
I hope you enjoy making this project, or if you’d rather have the one from the pictures, you can buy it from my Etsy.
If you do wind up making the project, I’d love to see it! And I’ll send you free patterns from my Monthly Crafting Challenge!

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2 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: The Seafarer’s Pouch

  1. I love this project! The Celtic knot looks awesome and elegant, not simple at all, and the colors complement each other very well.

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