Sew Baby! My Latest Book is Released!

Cuddly and cute bibs, blankets, booties, and more
Cuddly and cute bibs, blankets, booties, and more

Hello everyone! I’m so excited! My latest book, Sew Baby came out this weekend! It’s one of the books I worked so ardently on last year, and I’m super proud to finally have it out in stores for you all to buy!

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I love making cute and adorable accessories so working on a book for babies was a natural progression. However, I still put in lots of blood, sweat, and tears into this book, so I hope you all enjoy what you see! I worked on creating loads of home décor projects, accessories, toys, and practicalities, all while imbuing my style of simple kawaii cuteness into them.

I found that as I worked on these projects, I had a goal where I wanted to highlight every loveable and gentle creature I could imagine, from kitty cats to red pandas, elephants to monkeys, and puppies to dragons. I think kind and gentle animals not only reflect the sweetness of babies, but the characters make these projects perfect for unisex gifts. A boy looks just as adorable in a panda hat as a girl, so you literally have a whole menagerie of projects to choose from 😀

Beyond that, seeing sweet little baby faces with baby animals would warm anyone’s heart. It makes me think of babies and kitties playing together, or of that quintessential boy and his dog vibe. Together, I see that animal as both a lifelong friend and a protector, and I think that image is what my muse was as I created for this book. I hope it inspires you as much as I was inspired, and you take a look if you have a special baby in your life that needs a perfect gift or would you would just like to surround with smiling faces! ^-^

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