CLOSED Free Stuff When You Follow Me! and The Monthly Crafting Challenge

EDIT: This offer was only available in 2013 and is now closed

I meant to do this when my website first started, but now you get a free pattern when you sign up to follow my blog! I couldn’t do it at first because I didn’t know how to find a list of who signed up, but I found it now, lol, so all is well! I swear I’m usually very good with computers >w<
The free gift you get is the pattern & instructions for this adorable little sushi plush! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get this emailed to you for your crafting pleasure! <3

But wait! There’s more!

I have a challenge for the rest of you, and it goes like this:
I have patterns for a whole set of 12 plush sushi, and you can collect them all if you put in a little effort.

Each month, for the entire month, I will give out a different sushi pattern to the people who sign up to follow my blog. Sign up, get a free pattern, it’s as easy as that.
(Keep in mind that if you follow me through WordPress I won’t have your email. So you can email me to get the ball rolling if necessary.)

But the next month will be a different pattern! So if you sign up in February you’ll get a different plush. If you’ve already signed up, your challenge is to create one of the projects from this blog, or from my books. Message your finished project to my Facebook page, and you’ve just earned yourself the new pattern for that month!

I’ll include more details and extra information about the challenge on the main page as it progresses through the year 😀

And that’s all it takes! Start by signing up, then post projects once a month for free stuff! But be sure to sign up before January’s over, or your collection won’t be complete! ^-~

Have fun crafting!

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