The Situation with Scraps

Hello, my name is Choly. I have a scrap problem.

I know I’m not the only one with this issue, right? What started as a benign little bag of fabric bits has now turned into a massive horde of bulging boxes. I know my scrap stash isn’t nearly as bad as some people have it, but it’s gotten to the point where it has impacted my life, haha! So I know I have to do something about it. It used to be that I could pick up a few yards of any interesting fabric I saw and stash it away to make a jacket or dress or a few accessories later. But not anymore. I stay my hand at the fabric store because I know I have *finally* used up all the space I have. I’m sure of it because I’ve recently done some spring cleaning and I literally don’t have any room left for fabric unless I start storing it with my dishes.

So! It’s time for change. When I had the idea to start this blog, I got giddy at the idea of sharing free projects with my readers for lots of fluffy new quilts, stuffed animals, and maybe a simple garment here and there. But alas, I can’t even think about buying new fabric until I start making some room. So now I must execute Mission: Dispatch the Stash. Every project I post will be to get rid of some scrap that has clogged up my sewing space for far too long!

First stop is suiting fabrics! So you can probably expect a lot of bags or similar projects from me. I’m actually a bit of a bagophile (especially messenger bags & other utilitarian types), so be prepared for bags regardless 😀

Do you all have any favorite stash-busting projects or secrets? Any projects you’d love to see? Or maybe you need help getting rid of some fabric you just can’t find any use for?! (p.s. I have so been there) Let me know and I’ll keep them in mind as I tinker away at my pile o’ textile 😀

3 thoughts on “The Situation with Scraps”

  1. i have the same problem only with paper! @__@ oh my gosh. it hasnt consumed my life just yet, but im gonna use all the pieces one day i SWEAR.

  2. I love fabric and patterns and bags! So I understand. What about some wallet or clutch type bags with the suit fabric? Or maybe some clothing for dolls? Barbie and others? Thanks for the awesome designs! I love looking at them

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