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Freebie Friday! Zipper Wrist Rest


This is a project I’ve been needing to make for the longest time! I’m sure more of you can sympathize with that kind of situation. I could just as easily have purchased a wrist rest for myself, but I just kept telling myself I’d have time to make one. It took a while, but I finally did 😀

I wracked my brain trying to think of a character I could do that would mimic the shape of a long wrist rest, and nothing seemed to feel natural to me. That was when I realized that I don’t have quite enough stuff that shows off that I’m a seamstress! So I thought a wrist rest shaped like a zipper might take care of that handily. Mine is filled with tiny micro pellets, which seem similar to poly pellets but they’re much smaller and are made of Styrofoam instead of plastic. The outside is made from fleece which is slightly stretchy so when you rest your wrists on it, it has that nice squishy feeling that a woven fabric can’t really match.


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Pattern Review: Vogue Knitting’s Cabled Arm Cozies

Green Wrist Warmers
The next knitting project I recently finished is these cushy wrist warmers. They’re the Cabled Arm Cozies from the Holiday 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting. That issue actually had one or two other really cute looks, so I’m excited to get into making other things from it.
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