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A new book! Awesome Duct Tape Projects!

Awesome Duct Tape Projects: More Than 50 Projects Including Washi, Masking, & FrogTape

Awesome Duct Tape Projects: More Than 50 Projects Including Washi, Masking, & FrogTape

I have another result of my semi-hiatus for the first part of the year! While I was gone I was also working on this fun book on duct tape 😀 It’s been up for sale for a little while, but it’s officially released on Amazon now, complete with the “Look Inside” feature so you can take a peek at the projects to see if it’s for you.

It’s no surprise that duct tape is a really popular medium right now, and this book has a huge selection of projects. There are lots of classics with a twist as well as some new ideas you might not have seen before. All of these are spread between 20 step by step projects and a huge idea gallery that’s sure to have something you’ll love. In the getting started section it goes over basic skills that will be helpful for whatever project you come up with, as well as some decorating ideas that you can apply to whatever sticks. If you’re still curious, you can check out more details about it on the main book page.

So if you’ve also been swept up in the duct tape craze, I hope you’ll give the book a look and see if it’s for you!


Freebie Friday! The Cassette Pouch

More retro technology today! x3 As a child of the 90s I just had to do something with a cassette motif eventually, so here it is 😀 My stash of heavy duty fabrics is almost gone, so I’ve started to break into my quilting cottons, which I thought would be perfect for all the appliqué you see in the designs here. They’re great for holding pencils of course, but also just about anything else, like makeup or spare change. It’s one of those things you never realized how much you needed until you actually have it ^-^

In addition to clearing out the last of my heavyweight fabric stash, I’m also dipping into my stash of lining fabrics. While I think they’re best used for clothing, I don’t have enough of any particular fabric to actually use for a skirt or blazer or something, so I’m stuck using them for smaller projects like these. Since it’s so flimsy it can be kind of a pain to work with, but I’m trying out some things to get it to behave – maybe you’ll like the method I’ve used here!

Also, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ll have to start paring down from doing weekly projects every week to about every month or so that way I can catch up with some work I need to do and life in general 🙂 Nothing else about the site will change, so I do hope you’ll keep tuning in often to see what I’ve created!


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Assembling .pdf Paper Patterns

Nearly all of my free sewing projects on this blog come with a printable pattern. Some even require multiple sheets to be taped together. I try to make the format similar to other websites in case you’ve used .pdf patterns in the past. But if you’re new to .pdf patterns or are otherwise having issues, here’s how to assemble them!

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