Store Update! Aviator Hats Are Back!

Hello everyone! After taking another short break for book writing, I’m happy to say that my Etsy store has another update! The faux suede steampunk aviator caps are back in stock 😀 with a few new custom variations to choose from. These hats were a big hit last year when I debuted them during a giveaway, and I’ve been working hard to bring them back … Continue reading Store Update! Aviator Hats Are Back!

Black Friday Weekend Sale & Store Update!

I hope all of my American friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’m over here taking advantage of some Black Friday fabric deals online ^w^ and I thought I would pass the favor along to all of you as well! So this weekend I’m running a 15% off everything in the store sale 😀 no minimum purchase required! Just use store code BF2014 from now until … Continue reading Black Friday Weekend Sale & Store Update!

Store Update – Purple & Yellow Plushies!

Hello again everyone! My Etsy store got another update today ^-^ As promised, this time around is a group of purple and yellow plushies. There are a lot of rehashes of previous characters, but a few new creatures managed to sneak in too 😀 Like with other updates there are some narwhals and octopi in yellow and purple as well as another little robot in … Continue reading Store Update – Purple & Yellow Plushies!

Store Update – Blue Plushies!

Hello all and happy Halloween! I’m back with yet another update 😀 As I mentioned, this time I worked on some blue plushies in a lot of the same designs as before but with a few new characters thrown in. As before, we’ve got narwhals, an octopus, and the punk bunnies have made a triumphant return! I used up lots of scraps of blue plaid … Continue reading Store Update – Blue Plushies!

Store Update – Olive & Orange Plushies!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another store update and lots more plushies! As promised, this round I used up the last of my green fabrics — particularly olive green — with some orange and mango thrown in. Here’s the new gang! In the olive camp we have some more Cthulhu plushies as well as one of my more popular characters, the Zombunny :B The huggable … Continue reading Store Update – Olive & Orange Plushies!