Freebie Friday: The Triforce Plush

Haha! So simple but so awesome! x3 My best friend commissioned me to make these for a party she was throwing some months back, and it was so simple to put together I just had to share. This is the ubiquitous Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series, and definitely one of my favorite video games as a kid.
I needed a break from making bags! So I dove into my stash of fleece scraps so I could whip up one of these to share with you. It’s super simple to put together if you’re familiar at all with matching up sharp corners of fabric – like cubes or, in this case, triangles. The goal of course is to make the points of your triangle in the middle line up perfectly sharp and even, but the fleece is very forgiving so if you haven’t done it before this is a good place to start!


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Freebie Friday: The Totoro Bag

Ah, yes! Finally I’m getting into some of the things that I love 😀 This, of course, is Totoro, the loveable fuzzy forest creature from the Ghibli children’s film, My Neighbor Totoro. It’s probably one of my favorite Miyazaki movies, and really epitomizes the fantasy and innocence of childhood I think.
I had some gray twill that I originally used to make another bag. And while I kept making much plainer bags out of my other stashes of gray fabric, it finally clicked in my head that Totoro is gray, and would make for a perfect oval-shaped bag! I thought it was especially kismet when I saw this scrap of green linen and thought it would be perfect for the little leaf on his head. The leaf serves as the bag’s closure, which has a metal snap on the inside to keep everything together.
In addition, it’s covered in appliqué to give the adorable Totoro face and body, it has handles shaped like his ears, and I even lined the inside with an awesome leaf print fabric. There are quite a few details to get through, but I definitely think it was worth it for this awesome look, so I hope you’ll try it!


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Freebie Friday: The Gunkan Sushi Bucket Bag

Here’s yet another project I whipped up from scraps! It’ a really cute bucket bag styled to look like some delicious sushi ^-^ perfect for any sushi lovers out there.
For this project I made use of some leftover green fabric I had from making another bag. This particular shade of hunter green I thought was kind of plain to be honest XD So I had no idea what to make from it. As I thought about it, the only thing I could think of that was this particular color was a sushi roll ^-^
This “gunkan” sushi is the type of sushi you see where a loose filling is piled on top of a shaped piece of rice, then nori is wrapped around the sides to keep the filling on the top from spilling out. You see this style with ikura (salmon roe) or uni (urchin) sushi. So when the bag is complete, your belongings inside look like they’re the stuffing of a delicious sushi ^3^
I also had a matching zipper lying around, so I figured now was as good a time as any to make use of it 😀 So I added a zippered pocket on the side so you can stuff little things.


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