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Tutorial: Enlarging and Reducing .pdf Plush Patterns


Thanks to technology, enlarging & reducing patterns from a digital .pdf document is pretty simple. But if you’re worried about getting the details just right the first time, here are some tips for how to handle it so you can jump right in!

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Enlarging Book Patterns – 3 Methods


Do you often see craft books where the patterns are printed right inside the pages, including a little note in the corner saying “Enlarge by xxx%”? A decent portion of my craft books have the patterns printed as such, and I often get asked how to handle this situation. I know when I’ve written my books, I wanted to include patterns that were big and detailed – but unfortunately when sewing patterns get so large it’s difficult to include them in a printed book without shrinking them down first. I thought I would let you all know the methods I use to enlarge patterns so you won’t be confused by those little directions anymore, and you’ll be sure to find a method that works best for you!

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